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Recognition Categories

The faculty, staff, and student workers employed by the University represent our University's richest resource. The Texas A&M University – Commerce Employee Recognition Program has been established to recognize and reward University employees for their dedication and contributions to the success of the overall mission of the University. The goal is to make employee recognition an integral part of our day-to-day activities. An anonymous Employee Recognition Committee will review nominations by other employees, students and visitors of Texas A&M University - Commerce and select the award recipients.

Service - A University employee strives to continuously provide superior service by making customers/students feel important, respected, and by exceeding their expectations in all interactions through active listening and asking probing questions to better understand, identify, and anticipate customer/student needs.

Example: An employee is preparing for a presentation and is having difficulty getting the equipment set up correctly. Time is running out so the employee calls Media Services for assistance. Instead of providing the employee with directions over the phone, Media Services informs the anxious employee that someone from the department will be right over to set up the equipment.

Collaboration - A University employee seeks fresh approaches and encourages teamwork and sharing knowledge between employees within departments and University-wide, and by doing so builds a mutual respect for others' opinions.

Example: A group of employees or an individual employee, who works with a group to solve a problem, completes a project or achieves a common goal that has a positive/productive outcome for the University.

Positivity - A University employee fosters a sense of inclusion, belonging and optimism, thus contributing to the success of the University.

Example: An employee who, through his or her influence on others, has a positive effect whatever the situation.

Globalization - A University employee seeks to promote the University to create changes in the world and/or brings the world to our University through programs, people and experiences.

Example: Production/sponsorship/presentation of a “program” event or opportunity that enables our campus community the chance to be a part of the bigger world. It would include things like:

  • Involvement in the Sister City project with Cambodia
  • Sponsorship of a program of international understanding and service – UNICEF educational program, the International Festival, Oxfam, Heifer International, Haiti Relief, etc.
  • Development of an international education component in another country – India, China, Cambodia, South Africa, South America, etc.
  • Providing opportunities for our students, faculty and staff to host/exchange faculty/student/staff with other countries
  • Participation in sponsoring film, lecture, arts and entertainment of an International flavor
  • Sponsorship/participation in study or service abroad programs that go beyond “just going” but engage others by returning and sharing experiences with the folks at home
  • Development of programs which brings the world to our campus – through presentations, media, and experiences.
Creativity & Innovation – A University employee demonstrates the ability to “think outside the box”  to develop new approaches, ideas, or concepts that go beyond best practices and are truly “next practices” in the fields of business, education, service and leadership.

Example: A department has been having several scheduling challenges, which led to many complaints from students and staff. A computer-savvy staff member decided to utilize his skills and created a program that could be used to make scheduling appointments easier for all members of the staff. The program was implemented and helped to make significant improvements in setting up appointments.

Public Relations - A University employee strives to present the university and the work of university employees in the best light.  The award could recognize the organization of PR events, individuals staffing information booths, doing presentations in schools, creating brochures and videos to advertise the University’s programs, participation in recruiting events, etc.

Example: An undergraduate student volunteers to attend recruiting events and talk about the program she is currently enrolled in. She talks to potential students, follows up with them via e-mail, and invites them to attend a comedy improve night at the club. As a result, several students decided to attend Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Humanitarianism - A University employee strives to help improve the quality of life of the students, employees of the university, and citizens of the community of Commerce. The award could recognize the helping of students in distress, alleviating conditions in emergency-type situations, a pattern of “spreading good cheer” in an office or department, and generally Good-Samaritan type behavior.

Example: A university employee is instrumental in developing a Community Garden in Commerce, which results in a significant number of indigent families having access to fresh vegetables, and develops extensive ties with the community.

Safety – A University employee demonstrates a specific action or event that will reduce the likelihood of any accident. The employee should have a reason for the action, a description of what needs to occur, and a desired result. A person who submits an idea, but does not work with anyone to actually make it occur is not taking sufficient responsibility.

Example: Shelly watches a student leaving Whitley Hall and crossing at the crosswalk. The student does not push the button and almost gets hit by an automobile.  Shelly wants to make a difference. She has an idea that she discusses with Res-Life and the safety department. Then she gets several volunteers to work 2 hour shifts for one day over a 12 hour period. The volunteers are at each end of the crosswalk and push the button for the students and encourage them to “push the button, look both ways, and then cross when it is safe”.

Above and Beyond Job Performance – A University employee demonstrates an action or event that is specifically not in their job description that has bettered the University’s reputation or ability to serve its constituents.

Example: A person assigned to landscaping cannot be nominated for something involving landscaping, but could be nominated for something like seeing a lost group of students and taking them by the hand to where they need to go.