Key Control Guidelines

Ordering & Inventory

Please follow the steps listed below when ordering keys

  • Requests for key(s) must be initiated by the Department Head.
  • Department heads may appoint a Key Coordinator for their department to assist in tracking/handling keys. 
  • Use the Key Request Form to order keys.
  • Email key requests to or bring originals by the Facilities Office main desk.
  • Keys must be signed for by the Department Head -- no delivery can occur without proper signature.
  • Record all key transactions on your Departmental Key Inventory listing. Departments will need to inventory key annually and provide a copy of the report to Key Control.
  • When a key(s) is returned be sure to record the transaction on the inventory sheet. You may reassign any key once returned,but be sure to record it on your inventory.
  • There will be a $30 charge for each key that is unaccounted for at the conclusion of the yearly inventory.