Key Control Guidelines


Texas A&M University-Commerce shall provide access and security procedures to assist key holders in maintaining the security of University facilities. It is the responsibility of each key holder to ensure that stated procedures are followed and to maintain the security of University buildings and facilities to which they have access. Key holders are responsible for physically securing access points upon entering or leaving a room or facility after operational hours.


All mention of the term "keys" within these guidelines will refer to the University's "Door Key System" keys, computerized access cards, and any future access devices used at A&M-Commerce.


3.1 The following provisions do not supersede any other department guidelines.

3.2  All keys issued by A&M Commerce Facilities Department shall remain the  property of A&M Commerce.

3.3  Any exemptions, changes or special provisions to these guidelines will be  made only with the approval of the Executive Director of Facilities/Support  Services and the Key Control Supervisor.

3.4  These guidelines are in effect for all A&M Commerce key holders and will  be equally enforced for all key holders.

3.5  All University students and personnel living in residence halls, University  apartments, or University dwellings are covered by these guidelines, as  well as the provisions provided for in the Housing Office Key Guidelines.

3.6  Door locks/systems will be installed by Key Control Department or  contractors working for the Key Control Department.

3.7  University Police and the Facilities Department shall have access to all  areas.

3.8  Facilities staff (except Key Control) is not authorized to unlock interior  doors except for specific maintenance-related reasons.

3.9  Facilities Key Control is the only department allowed access to the core  keys.

3.10  It is a violation of these guidelines to have any University keys duplicated  by anyone other than the Facilities Key Control personnel. A&M Commerce  Police and Facilities personnel have the authority to confiscate any  duplicated keys and, anybody in violation of these guidelines may have  their key privileges revoked.

3.11  All special “high” security situations involving special security measures  will be coordinated between the A&M Commerce Police, Campus Risk  Management &Safety and Facilities departments.

3.12  A Key Inventory List will be issued by A&M Commerce Facilities to each  department annually in January. The department head is responsible for  conducting a physical inventory of department keys and forwarding a  completed inventory list to A&M Commerce Facilities. No keys can be  authorized or replaced until a current inventory list is returned to Key  Control.

3.13  All card access systems must receive prior approval from the Executive  Director of Facilities/Support Services and/or the Key Control Supervisor.