Application Procedures

After we receive your completed application, we attempt to verify that adequate sections of COUN 516, COUN 548, COUN 551 and COUN 552 are available on our campuses. Graduate courses require five students to be enrolled to have the class “make,” or remain open.

If a section of a clinical class does not make, we will communicate with the students enrolled in that section prior to the beginning of the semester to make other arrangements. You will be informed via your Leomail e-mail address after we have authorized your placement in a specific course section.

Steps for Completing Clinical Applications

Step 1:

Download the COUN 551/552 application, Field Site form, and Orientation form and save them to your files by using your name and the semester you intend to take the clinical class (e.g., SallySmithSpring2022PracticumApplication, JoeCoolSummer2022InternshipFieldSiteForm, SarahMatthewsFall2022OrientationForm).

Complete all three (3) forms and save copies for your records. Then, attach all of these documents to an email with the subject line: “Student Name Semester XXXX Clinical Application for 551/552” (e.g., Sally Smith Spring 2022 Clinical Application 551; Matthew Morales Fall 2022 Clinical Application 552) sent to the Clinical Coordinator at [email protected]

NOTE: The Field Site form is ONLY used to verify that you have made contact with an approved site and supervisor. It does NOT take the place of the site contract or other required documents listed in the Practicum and Internship Handbook.

Step 2:

Review the Practicum and Internship Handbook associated with your degree program. The handbooks are very important for understanding how the COUN 551 Practicum and COUN 552 Internship courses function. Feel free to download or print your own copy of the handbook.

In addition to course information, these documents also include REQUIRED FORMS that you MUST complete with your site supervisor to provide to your instructor on the first night of practicum or internship class. If you have any questions about these forms, contact the Clinical Coordinator at [email protected]

Once the Clinical Coordinator has made assignments for COUN 551 and COUN 552 sections, the department admins will issue permits to authorize student enrollment in COUN 551 and COUN 552.

Important Note: It takes time for the Clinical Coordinator and the Counseling Department admins to process applications and issue permits each semester. If you have submitted your materials and received confirmation from the Clinical Coordinator that your application has been approved, your spot will be held for you in a 551/552 course regardless of whether you currently have permission to add that class to your schedule.

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