Female Entrepreneur Panel

On Wednesday, February 24th, the Marketing and Engagement Committee sponsored the traditional “Panels with Scott Series” on female entrepreneurs. This is the first virtual panel in a series on successful business people. Other subjects include CFAs, bankers, CIOs, CPAs and more. The virtual event included 3 very successful panelists from the DFW area: Lea Ellermier – Co-founder of 2CMedtech, Gail Warrior – Executive Chairwoman of CASPR Group and Cyntia Rock – Branch Manager at NRL Mortgage. The event moderator, Scott Wheeler, is the President of CASPR group, an alum and adjunct faculty for the College of Business. Attendance was nearly 100 students who called the event a “game-changer” and the “best virtual event of the year.” The panelists shared their entrepreneurial journey, life experiences, struggles, victories and even graciously answered many questions from the audience.