If This is Misery, Who Needs Happiness?

Commerce was recently named one of the most miserable cities in Texas. Naturally, we were a little shocked.

But then we started thinking about all the ways that we’re happy, lucky, and about all the things we do have…

The opportunity to educate families through generations.

Pride partnerships that beautify the town.

Superheroes right here (and our Annual Bois d’Arch Bash and 5K).

The annual Block Party, which brings multiple genres of performers to the area every year.

The Twin Oaks Blueberry Farm where anyone can pick delicious blueberries and buy homemade goodies.

Enrichment opportunities through university and ISD partnerships and events.

Yoga on the lawn.

The Outdoor Adventure’s challenge course, which invites everyone to develop leadership skills.

The Planetarium, celebrating their 10th anniversary–educational, fun, and open to everyone.

Concerts and arts-related programming.

The Children’s Learning Center, a nationally accredited, 4-Star program, which provides quality child care to students, the university, and the community.

Celebrations of cultures from around the world.

Renowned sculptor Patrick Dougherty’s installation “Deep in the Heart” which brought everyone together to construct it. Watch the video!

The Northeast Texas Children’s Museum, the 2014 Best Creative Children’s Experience in Texas.

Lion Athletics sporting events and six 2014-2015 Lone Star Conference championships.

The Mayo Prestigious Speaker Series, which brings incredible speakers including Ben and Jerry, RJ Mitte and Ruby Bridges to our community

The opportunity to reach our academic goals and pursue a lifetime of achievement.

That’s a lot!

More than ever we realize that it’s a great day to be a Lion, and it’s a great time to live in Commerce, Texas! If you’d like to join us in our “misery,” registration opens next month!