Letter from Dr. Rudin about student with COVID-19

Dear Lion Community,

Recently, our campus community learned that a Texas A&M University-Commerce student who lives off-campus has a confirmed case of COVID-19. Students are the life of our community and we are heartbroken that this has touched one of ours. The student is self-isolating and will follow all guidelines and recommendations from medical professionals. Our thoughts and prayers are with this student, their family, and friends. We send our best wishes for the student's quick recovery.

We have been enduring life-changing experiences in these last several weeks. I would be remiss if I did not recognize the strain this is causing. Each one of us is facing our own challenges while trying to understand what our future will hold.

To our students, I am deeply saddened that you are faced with such stressful and difficult times. As you continue to move forward through this, know that we are here for you and we want to make this experience easier to endure. You have many different avenues to reach out to us and seek the advice, assistance, and support you need at any time. I am impressed with your resilience and strength to face this challenge.

To our faculty and staff, I am profoundly proud of the exceptional service and support you have put forth. Every one of you has played a vital role in moving our students to an online education, and have demonstrated flexibility and a willingness to help as we encounter challenges with this transition.

I wish I could tell you that we will not have more confirmed cases in our area or even on campus, but that seems impossible to avoid. Communities all around us are witnessing an increased amount of confirmed cases. Even with our most recent efforts, it would appear more is to come. We have the power to slow the spread of this virus by maintaining our social distance around others and staying at home except for essential activities. We must do our part to follow the guidelines put forth by the CDC, the Texas Governor, and our local authorities. This will affect our community, but it is critical that we do our part and encourage those around us to do so also.

Continue to send your concerns, needs, and questions to [email protected] and they will be answered as quickly as possible. As a reminder, official university information will be posted at tamuc.edu in the “Stay Healthy Lions!” section.

There is no doubt our future will continue to bring challenges and heartaches. I can confidently say we will make it through this. We will become stronger. We will learn to adapt and improve. We are Lions.

Stay healthy and stay strong,

The president signature.
Mark Rudin