Daniel Creider, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

  • Faculty
Computer Science and Information Systems
Journalism 216

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Experimental Psychology, Baylor University, 1978
  • MS, Computer Science, East Texas State University, 1979
  • MS, General/Experimental Psychology, Auburn University, 1971
  • BS, Psychology, Southwest Missouri State University, 1969
  • BA, Bible/Music, Central Bible College, 1968

Academic Positions

  • Associate Professor, Texas A&M University-Commerce, 1984-present
  • Assistant Professor, TAMUC, 1978-1984

Research Funding

  • $31,740, E-Systems, Greenville Division, 1986
  • $48,402, E-Systems, Greenville Division, 1984
  • $30,538, E-Systems, Greenville Division, 1983

Selected Publications

  • Creider, R. Daniel, Ammouri, Emad, and Ayad, Ali. “An Intelligent Advisor for the Immigration and Naturalization Service”. Proceedings of the ISCA Fourth Golden West International Conference on Intelligent Systems, June 12-14, 1995, pp. 239-243.
  • Creider, Daniel., Legge, Gaynor. A computer Science Masters Degree Curriculum at a Small University. The Journal of Computing in Small Colleges. Vol 12, No. 4. March 1997. pp 31-39.
  • Creider, R. Daniel, Palmer, Michael, Matrix Manipulations in C/C++ Using Dynamically Allocated Memory. Proceedings of The Fifth World Conference on Integrated Design and Process Technology, IDPT Vol. 1, pp. 21 (abstract), 1999-2000. Complete paper on CD.
  • Creider, R. Daniel, Sundar Singh, Paul S. “Differential Diagnosis of Allergic Rhinitis and Sinusitis An Expert System”. Proceedings of The Second World Conference on Integrated Design and Process Technology, IDPTVol. 2, pp. 251-254, 1996.
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