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Come up with a game plan, and make sure you hold yourself accountable to it!

Jaci Fulton
Assistant Director

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Student Advocacy and Support
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Texas A&M University-Commerce
Performing Arts Center 120
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Student Advocacy and Support
Telephone, Texas
College Major
Social Work
Year Graduated
2020, 2021

Growing up in the small town of Telephone, Texas, helped Jaci Fulton understand the importance of building close relationships with teachers and staff. She benefited greatly from these relationships when her high school counselor matched her with a scholarship to attend A&M-Commerce! Since graduating with her bachelor’s and subsequent master’s in social work, Jaci has taken on the mission of lifting others up, helping them stand on their own and getting them moving in the right direction to achieve their goals. Understanding that everyone has a different path to follow, she is motivated to advocate for and educate students so they can gain independence for themselves and hopefully pay it forward by helping others along their journey.

A Conversation with Jaci

What would you tell a student who is considering A&M-Commerce?

Come up with a game plan, and make sure you hold yourself accountable to it! Becoming an A&M-Commerce Lion means taking advantage of the opportunities presented to you—both in and outside of the classroom—and using those opportunities to be the most successful student you can be! Learn to balance your time early to make the most of your time on campus!

What do you like most about your career?

In my position, I have achieved a great balance in how I spend my time. My position covers seven different areas, so there is always something to be done and I can switch and choose between tasks, so I never get bored! I also get to see students at every level, from incoming freshmen to walking the stage, which is very rewarding in itself.

How do you help students at A&M-Commerce?

Within our Student Advocacy and Support office, we work to connect, advocate and educate students! Through on-campus events, referrals to outside agencies and a welcoming environment, we hope to provide every student with an equitable student experience while making sure they feel supported. I also help run our Lion Food Pantry and Lion Wardrobe, which offer food, hygiene items and professional clothing to students at no cost. These services directly promote student success and well-being.

Educational Background

  • MSW, Texas A&M University-Commerce, 2021
  • BSW, Texas A&M University-Commerce, 2021

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