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Lucina Kuusisto, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

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Biological & Environmental Sciences
Science Building 208
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Biological and Environmental Sciences
College Major
Earth and Environmental Sciences
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Purpose, Passion, Community. That’s what drives Lucina Kuusisto to grow her students and protect our planet. Whether it’s her home in Brazil or her classroom in Texas, she feels called to do the research needed to produce self-sustaining communities. The best part? Her research has found a place to thrive at A&M-Commerce, where she’s training up a new generation of globally-minded students who care about protecting and preserving our world.

A Conversation with Dr. Kuusisto

What would you tell a student who is thinking about attending A&M-Commerce?

“A&M-Commerce is a fantastic community of like-minded people pursuing knowledge and betterment together. My passion is Environmental Science, and I think there are a plethora of reasons for students to consider it as well. For starters, it’s a noble cause. It is an altruistic task to work towards the environmental health and the common good of society. There’s also an increasing need for Environmental Scientists to help solve current problems assailing humanity. Furthermore, adding outdoors work to our schedule can be fun. Inspections, surveys, running portable scientific tests, and documenting environmental issues make for interesting days. Whatever your passion, A&M-Commerce has a community that would love to help you along your journey.”

Tell us about an academic project you are working on or recently completed.

“I try to keep busy with plenty of projects at any given moment. Here are a few of the ones I’m working on now: testing novel water filters to separate Arsenic (As) and lead (Pb) from drinking water, optimizing novel air filters to separate viruses and nano-size particles from the air, designing micro-plastics filters for our waterways and recovering food from corn-ethanol spillage.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself (hometown, education, etc).

“I was born and raised in Brazil and earned my masters’ degree and Ph.D. in the U.S. At A&M-Commerce, I serve as a professor and chemical engineer. I am passionate about research, inventions, testing novel ideas and patenting Environmental Science and Engineering ideas. I am happily married and have two beautiful children.”

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Texas at Arlington, 2013
  • MS, Water Resources, Engineering Coursework, Texas Tech University
  • B.Sc., Chemical Engineering, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil

Academic Positions

  • Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University-Commerce, 2018-Present
  • Adjunct, Dallas Baptist University, 2014-2018
  • High School Teacher, H. Grady Spruce High School, 2017-2018
  • High School Teacher, Cedar Hill High School, 2015-2016
  • Adjunct, Tarrant County College, 1998-2014
  • Lecturer, University of Texas at Arlington, 2007-2008

Research Interests

  • Innovations in water and wastewater treatment
  • Novel air treatment systems
  • Recovering of food
  • Environmental health

Selected Publications

  • Kuusisto, Lucina Márcia; “Review of an Integrated Air-Vinasse Treatment-To-Food, Energy, Water, And A Novel Mosquito-Combatant Soil Amendment”. Journal of Biotechnology & Bioresearch (2020).
  • Kuusisto, Lucina Márcia, Sattler, Melanie L., Chen, Victoria C.P; “Predicting Bioenergy Potential from Vinasse Digestion: The VUMP Model (Vinasse Utilization for Methane Production)”. J. Civil Eng. Urban., 9(4): 36-42 (2019).
  • Kuusisto, Lucina Márcia, Sattler, Melanie, Chen, Victoria Chen. “Predicting Bioenergy Potential from Vinasse Digestion: The VUMP Model (Vinasse Utilization for Methane Production)” Proceedings of the Air & Waste Management Association 112th Annual Conference” (2019).

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