The various programs provided through the Department of Management prepare undergraduate students for entry-level professional positions in Management. The programs that are offered provide a solid foundation of knowledge, supported by industry experience, to ensure that students are fully competent upon completion of studies in areas such as operations, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship. The diverse, talented, and experienced faculty act as guides in molding the personal and professional development of the students. Many faculty members have extensive industry experience and are eager to help students prepare for the challenges in today’s business environment.
In addition to the high level of formal education the Management Department offers, students receive hands-on experience through internships, symposiums, and workshops.

Meet Our Faculty

  • Mario Hayek

    Dr. Hayek has been teaching entrepreneurship and strategic management at the undergraduate and graduate levels for over 15 years and has acquired over 15 years of experience as an international entrepreneur.

    Areas of Research: Management, Entrepreneurship

  • Guclu Atinc

    Dr. Atinc holds a Doctor of Business Administration from Louisiana Tech and has a professional background in audit management and marketing.

    Areas of Research: Management, Organizational Research

  • Lloyd Basham

    Dr. Basham is an innovative, results-oriented professional with extensive domestic/global experiences with an emphasis on vision, strategy, execution and results achievement with accountability.

    Areas of Research: Leadership

  • J. Robert  Collins

    Robert Collins is a retired Fortune 500 VP and Corporate Officer and is a founding and currently serving member of the Board of Trustees for Collin College.

    Areas of Research: Entrepreneurship

  • W. H. Jack Cooke

    W. H. Jack Cooke is a Distinguished Lecturer for the Department of Marketing and Management. He received his MBA in Business Management from the University of Dallas and MS in Computer Science from East Texas State University.

    Areas of Research: Entrepreneurship

  • Jay Garrett

    Mr. Garrett is a licensed attorney and a partner in a general law practice. His areas of expertise include Business Law, Real Estate Law, Nursing Law, Criminal Justice, and Computer Concepts.

    Areas of Research: Law, Business Administration

  • John Humphreys

    Dr. Humphreys seeks to advance leadership theory using historical methods via archival investigations of past leaders, organizations, and contexts.

    Areas of Research: Management History, Leadership

  • Kendra Ingram

    Dr. Ingram has 12 years of teaching experience in a wide variety of management topics in both online and live settings and has received excellent reviews throughout those years.

    Areas of Research: Management

  • Stephanie S.  Pane Haden

    Dr. Haden has published her work in various outlets such as Management Decision, Sloan Management Review, the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, and the Journal of Business Strategy.

    Areas of Research: HR, CSR, Management History

  • Mildred Golden  Pryor

    Dr. Golden Pryor is a member of the Editorial Review Board of several journals. Her director and manager positions included Quality Improvement, Organizational Development, and Organizational Transformation.

    Areas of Research: Strategic Management, Quality Improvement

  • Brandon Randolph-Seng

    Dr. Randolph-Seng received his Ph.D. from Texas Tech University. His research interests include the social and cognitive factors involved in leadership, groups and entrepreneurship.

    Areas of Research: Leadership, Entrepreneurship

  • Elva A. Resendez

    Mrs. Resendez is currently pursuing her Ph. D. in Human Resource Development from UT-Tyler, with a Spring 2014 anticipated graduation. Her research interests are Diversity Management and Technology in Business.

    Areas of Research: International Business, Labor Relations

  • Sonia Taneja

    Dr. Taneja has received several outstanding research and teaching excellence awards and has has published papers in the Journal of Management History, Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, and International Journal of Management.

    Areas of Research: Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship

  • Leslie Toombs

    Dr. Toombs earned her doctorate from Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, Louisiana.

    Areas of Research: Small Business, Entrepreneurial Marketing

  • Alex Williams

    Dr. Alex Williams earned his PhD in Management at The University of Mississippi.

    Areas of Research: Leadership, Management History