The College of Business offers official University recognition on student transcripts for credit and non-credit internships. An internship is a supervised work experience that provides students with an opportunity to apply classroom-based learning while gaining practical work experience. The focus is on learning.

"Internships are a win-win situation for both employers and students!"


  1. The student must:
    1. Be accepted in College of Business
    2. Be in good standing at TAMUC and in good standing in the College of Business
    3. Have completed a minimum of 12 semester credit hours at TAMUC
    4. Be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours (excluding summer term)
  2. The student must secure an internship with a minimum of 140 hours during the fall/spring semesters or 96 hours during the summer semester.
  3. The student may be considered for an internship with a company in which he or she is currently employed only if clear evidence is provided that the internship is substantially and programmatically different from the student's current employment duties. This evidence must be provided in detail by the employer.

    The student must complete all necessary steps and forms within stated deadlines. Detailed instructions for each step will be provided as you move through the process. The COB Career Services Coordinator will then determine if your internship is eligible for the academic internship program.

  4. An internship cannot be filed retroactively, because it is linked to your official TAMUC transcript issued by the Registrar.


Fill out the Internship Application to:

  1. Schedule a mock interview with the career services coordinator
  2. Have your resume reviewed by the career services coordinator

The career service coordinator and the student will work together on finding an internship, if the student does not already have one lined up.


  1. Internship Request form is either done by the employer looking for intern to work with or by a student that found their own internship.
  2. An Internship Agreement must be signed by the student, the internship site supervisor, and career services coordinator before the internship can be approved or available for credit. For an internship course that the student is receiving credit for, the Internship Agreement must be signed and turned in by the last day to add classes, specified by the Registrar's Office.


After the approval of an internship, the intern will start as agreed in the Internship Agreement and will report to their site supervisor. In addition to projects assigned by the site supervisor, the intern will also turn in assignments to the Career Service Coordinator for a grade.

  1. Weekly Journals are due at the end of each week
  2. Timesheets that includes at least 140 hours worked during a minimum of 3 months during the spring/fall term or 80 hours worked during a minimum or 4 weeks during the summer term
  3. Reflection paper/project (APA style)