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Principal As Instructional Leader (268) Exam 268 Test Prep Session


 Per TEA “Starting Tuesday, March 17, 2020, Pearson is suspending Texas Educator Certification Examination Program exam delivery at their U.S.- and Canada-based Pearson-owned computer-administered test centers for 30 days until April 16, 2020. This decision was made for the health and safety of examinees and proctors. Pearson is sending cancellation notices and instructions for scheduling new appointments directly to examinees. Exam delivery at test centers on college/university campuses and other non-Pearson-owned partner locations are subject to the decisions local to that campus/facility. Please visit the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program web site at for more information”.


TEA continues to work with ETS regarding deadline extensions for PASL submission.  They are hoping to have more definitive information to us by next week. 

Per TEA “Registration for the Spring submission window closes on 3/27, with a submission deadline of 3/31. We are working closely with ETS on a plan to support students and programs during this challenging time and expect more information early next week”

Congratulations Dr. Nate Templeton and Dr. Josh Tremont for receiving the Texas Council of Professors of Educational Administration (TCPEA) Dissertation of the Year.



Texas A&M University--Commerce  

PO Box 3011, Commerce, TX 75429

#69 (tie) in Best Online Master's in Education Programs |Overall Score 78/100


Texas A&M University--Commerce is ranked No. 69 in Best Online Master's in Education Programs. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. 

#69 (tie) in Best Online Master's in Education Programs

A&M-Commerce Grad Named Top Urban Teacher in the Nation

Urban Teacher

Happy Holidays!!

The Educational Leadership department was honored to join together this year with the Commerce ISD Family & Community Engagement (FACE) organization to provide a Christmas tree filled with ornaments and gift cards to a lucky Commerce ISD family.  Alison Walker picked up the tree on Tuesday (December 10th) to deliver to a lucky Commerce family.
A special thanks to Commerce ISD for allowing us this holiday opportunity to give back to our community.
christmas tree


Friends Gala


Dr. Chuck Holt, Donna Holt, Melinda Reid, Dr. Mark Reid


Dr. Chuck Holt, Abbie Harper, Dr. Mark Reid


   *  3-5 hours of A&M-Commerce graduate coursework - $250

   *  6 or more hours of A&M-Commerce graduate coursework - $500


5th safest college campus in Texas!


Source: ADT

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2020 Alumni Ambassador

2020 Alumni Ambassador

Joe Dan Lee is a retired educator that dedicated his life to serving students in Texas public schools. Joe Dan started his career as a Vocational Agriculture teacher in Redwater ISD. After five years of teaching, Joe Dan moved into administration as a campus principal. At the age of 29, he became Superintendent of Schools in Redwater, Longview Pine Tree, and Georgetown ISD’s.

After retiring from Georgetown ISD, Joe Dan continues to serve Texas public school working for the Texas Association of School Boards. 

 Joe Dan earned his Bachelor of Science degree from East Texas State University, now Texas A&M Commerce, in 1975. He completed his degree in three years while living and working at the University farm. He became a graduate assistant at East Texas State and completed his Masters of Science degree in 1976. Joe Dan also completed mid- management and superintendent certification at East Texas State.

 Joe Dan has been married to his high school sweetheart, Tracey for the past 44 years. They have two grown daughters, Julie and Jenny and four wonderful grandchildren.  

2019 Alumni Ambassador2019 Ambassador
Dr. Gene Burton 
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2018 Alumni Ambassador2018 Alumni Ambassador
Dr. Scott Niven
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2017 Alumni Ambassador2017 Alumni Ambassador
Dr. David Wayne Fitts
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2016 Alumni Ambassador2016 Alumni Ambassador
Dr. Marcus Nelson
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Garland ISD Degree Fair


September 2016

Welcome to our ranking of the best online doctoral programs in educational leadership.

Of all the doctoral programs in education available online, education leadership and administration is one of the most popular choices. Earning a doctoral degree in this field opens the door to careers in academia as well as top management positions on college campuses, in K-12 schools, or even with organizations like the Department of Education.

Our initial list of all eligible online doctoral programs in educational leadership came from College Navigator, a searchable database that allowed us to specify a set list of criteria. We accepted as candidates only those schools with online Ph.D. or Ed.D. programs in educational leadership or administration; that are classified as public or private non-profit institutions; and are offered through full four-year colleges. We also limited our search to schools with a maximum acceptance rate of 70% in order to zone in on the more selective programs. To score the remaining programs, we devised a system in which each college or university could obtain points for their performance in specific areas, including:

Size of the program. We used College Navigator to look at the number of doctoral degrees in educational leadership that were awarded for the 2014-15 school year. We correlated higher numbers in this category with program popularity and student retention. It is difficult to know how many students in a particular degree program graduated compared to how many enrolled in any given year, but it is safe to say that colleges that confer high numbers of degrees in a specific field have either taken steps to make that program very appealing to students; worked hard to make sure the students that do enroll, stay enrolled; or both.

ELCC National Recognition. The primary accrediting body for educator training programs at the collegiate level is the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Within this agency, there are several “Specialized Professional Associations” (SPAs) that are linked to specific subfields of education. For example, the ELCC concentrates solely on education leadership. Like most SPAs, the ELCC regularly evaluates graduate programs within this discipline and produces a list of “nationally recognized” schools that maintain a quality and consistency of teaching that deserve a status beyond simply being NCATE-accredited. This category was our main source of information in calculating our top Ed.D educational leadership online ranking. We gave schools points for having recognized doctoral programs as well as master’s programs. In the latter case, we operated upon the belief that if a university earns this prestigious recognition for a lower-level graduate degree, we can take this as an indication of its commitment to providing a top-tier education at all other levels of study as well.

Tuition. As with most of our top rankings, we consider cost to be an important factor – particularly for online degrees that attract working/adult/nontraditional students. For consistency, we acquired all tuition-related information from College Navigator, averaging in-state and out-of-state expenses in the case of public schools.

We awarded points to each school based on their performances in each category and then summed these to produce a final score, which we scaled according to a 100-point maximum score. We have included these scores below along with descriptions of each school and their approximate annual tuition rates.



Texas A&M University-Commerce

Commerce, TX

Online Doctor of Education in Educational Administration

Texas A & M University at Commerce offers not only the most affordable online Ed.D. program in higher education in the state, but also arguably the best. As a result, this program is predictably selective—TAMUC only admits two online doctoral cohorts to its online education program every year. But TAMUC’s program is also somewhat self-selecting, distinguishing itself from others on this list due to its explicit focus on educational administration. So while it may be more attractive to those with their hearts set on becoming a principal or superintendent, pure academics need not apply.
Tuition & Fees: $9,010/yr
Score: 90

For more details on number of ranking colleges Please CLICK THIS LINK.



Top Ranked Educational Leadership Degree Program

Top Ranked Educational Leadership Degree Program

Texas A & M University-Commerce has been ranked the #11 Educational Administration degree program in the U.S. of 563 qualifying colleges. You can view the Top 20 here