Course Evaluations


The Course Evaluation (previously known as SRTEs) is the survey instrument which is composed of a variety of quantitative and qualitative questions and designed to allow students to give feedback at the end of the semester regarding their perceptions of the course experience.  Responses are collected directly from the students and managed by the Office of Academic Technology (AT) to give the faculty feedback on teaching performance, course management, as well as for use in personnel actions, including merit, promotion and tenure cases.  The course evaluations are one component of feedback available to the instructor.  The course evaluation summary report data is also publicly available in order to fulfill HB 2504 requirements.

All course evaluations are now fully online, and will be administered for Spring 2018 and beyond using eXplorance's Blue Course Evaluation Software. 

Spring 2018 Full Term Course Eval Administration Timeline

Course Eval Start/End Dates:  April 20 - May 4, 2018



All Classes

April 20

Course evaluations will be sent out via e-mail and a link in the MyLeo Portal to all students for all courses. 


April 20 - May 4


Students are administered the Course Evals utilizing Blue.


May 4

At 11 pm on May 4, the survey window will close and no more surveys will be available for students to take.

May 23rd

Faculty and Department Heads will be able to access reports through Blue on their own. 


Composition of the Survey

There are 20 questions on the survey:

  •  Questions 1 to 15 pertain to instruction-related questions
  • Questions 16 to 19 pertain to the course and how it relates to the university's Quality Enhancement plan.
  • Question 20 is open-ended for students to leave comments.

These questions were decided upon by a group of faculty and administration and approved by the Academic Affairs Division. A PDF copy of the questionnaire can be accessed here (requires Acrobat Reader or compatible browser).

Most questions are on a 5-point scale. From left to right response boxes indicate “Strongly Agree,” “Agree,” “Neutral,” “Disagree,” and “Strongly Disagree.”

Courses that do not get surveyed:

  • Independent Study
  • Dissertation
  • Masters Thesis
  • Internship programs and
  • Courses with fewer than 4 student enrollments

For Accessing Reports from Fall 2017

Fall 2017 reports are available in Snap Surveys, which can be found at Use the following documentation to guide you through the retrieval process: 

Accessing Reports through Snap Surveys for Faculty Members

Accessing Reports through Snap Surveys for Department Heads

For Reports Between Fall 2014 to Summer 2017

To access reports for face to face courses between Fall 2014 and Summer 2017, please contact your department head. They have access to these reports in a network share drive, and can disseminate them to faculty members from there. 

For access to reports from online classes that were delivered in eCollege, follow the instructions appropriate to your role: