Phase I: Migration Staging in eCollege

A stick figure walking up the four faculty steps to migration.

The 4 Faculty Migration Steps of Phase 1

Updated: 04/19/2017

Faculty Course Lead, Step 1: Faculty Course Lead (FCL) selects eCollege source course and term location, and using Step 1, NOVA Google Form, notifies Office of Academic Technology (AT) to copy the course. The course will be copied to the eCollege NOVA Term.

AT Step 2: FCL will be given access to their course in the eCollege NOVA staging term. An email will be sent from the AT with the notification of course access.

Faculty Course Lead, Step 3: FCL will make final pre-migration preparations to course using QM Custom Rubric and list of items that will not migrate to D2L. The Quality Assurance Faculty Toolbox website is available with instructional resources.

Faculty Course Lead, Step 4: Once the course is in final form, the FCL submits an email to to confirm the course is ready to migrate and understands no changes may be made to course until after the course is migrated. Faculty access to the eCollege NOVA course will be set to “View Only” for packaging and the migration process by the AT. This completes Phase I. Phase II and III will take place in D2L. Instructions will be provided once finalized.

Note to faculty not migrating a course:

Access to eCollege accounts will expire. A date will be announced. Faculty will no longer have access to eCollege courses. Faculty who are not migrating a course through this 4-Step process are encouraged to save their course materials to an external device (i.e. computer, shared network, external hard drive, flash drive).

Questions regarding the migration process or the steps provided may contact  or call the AT at 903-886-5511.