International Faculty Development Grants


Fall deadline: October 25 - 5:00 p.m.

Spring deadline: March 3 - 5:00 p.m.

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International Faculty Development Grants are available for faculty through the Faculty Development Committee. The grants are not intended to support basic research. Grant proposals for basic research should be submitted to The School of Graduate Studies and Research. Faculty Development Grants are intended to help faculty who are developing scholarly, creative, and research projects that will eventually lead to substantial results such as peer-reviewed publication, creative and performative works, external funding, or usable products. Proposals seeking funding for travel to present papers at international conferences or to engage in international collaborative research projects will be considered in this category of grants.


(1) The International Faculty Development Grant Application Form, including signatures and verification:

(2) The signatures of applicant and the applicant's Department Head are required.

(3) A Foreign Travel Request Form approved by all appropriate parties. The Request for Foreign Travel must be submitted to the Presidents office for approval at least 45 days prior to the requested travel.

(4) If the applicant is attending a seminar or workshop, verification of their role ( for example, a formal acceptance letter; the relevant page of conference program) must be documented. If the applicant has not received confirmation, an explanation must be provided. All awards, even if approved by the committee, will not be granted or paid until a confirmation document is received.

Funds will be allocated based on the following guidelines:
* Incomplete applications will not be accepted

* Grants are competitive and awarded based on information provided in the application.

* Confirmation will be sent to applicants via email acknowledging receipt of packet.

* The funds are limited to one award per faculty member each academic year.

* The maximum award for International Faculty Grants will be $2,000. Less may be awarded.

* Funds are for full-time faculty only (adjuncts and VME faculty are ineligible).

* Preference will be given to faculty who are developing tenure and promotion portfolios.

* Grants will be awarded twice a year. Fall semester September-December and the spring/summer semesters January-August.

* Applications may be made after faculty have attended a conference or workshop.

* Funds must be expended and all travel vouchers processed by August 28. Failure to submit by deadline will result in loss of grant funding.

* Grant awards are application specific and cannot be transferred from one event/ location/purpose to another without prior approval from the Head of Faculty Development.

Questions and Clarification Requests:

Sharon Crump
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