1st Place QEP Door Contest

World map gatewayEconomics & Finance QEP Door

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) at A&M-Commerce is designed to prepare students for an interconnected world. The QEP Committee invited all departments, faculty, and students, to participate in the "Window, Banner & Door Contest." Our department participated in Door contest with the idea to focus on three global dynamics. Specifically global issues, global processes, and global trends.

We started with an idea to have a globe on our door because we want to present what has happening recently in our world. Our globe is very catchy as we have designed it to be three dimensional and highly colorful.

After that, we continued to discuss and come up with ideas to fill in the three global dynamics. For global issues, we came up with the idea to highlight identifiable world issues, such as the chemical weapons attack in Syria, African food crisis, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in USA, etc. For global process, we developed the idea to link USA trade with other countries and show which countries the US currently has a trade imbalance with. Trade surpluses are identified by using blue rope, and trade deficits by using yellow rope. For global trends, one of our faculty members suggesting using currency. We decided to show the conversion rates between the US dollar and another foreign currencies.

This activity allowed the graduate research assistants and the faculty members collaborate and participate together. This activity is the result of a combination of everyone’s ideas. This QEP door contest has helped widen our vision to an interconnected world.

Graduate Research Assistant Team Members:

From the left: Zoungrana Wilfrid, Jingwangsa Sirinun (Ping), Guo Huan (Alicia), Arepalli Nishanth, and Sudha Chiranjeevi.