Economics & Finance

The Department’s main focus is on student learning and the development of skills that prepare them for the demands of the global business environment. The combination of educational and real world application give the students at Texas A&M University-Commerce an active and engaging learning experience. The Department faculty have wide ranging expertise in all major areas of economics and finance, including economic impact modeling, forensic economics, corporate disclosures, competitive strategy, investment strategy, financial markets, applied econometrics, and mutual fund investing. They endeavor to produce research that focus on topics of interest to researchers and practitioners, which can be found in many scientific journal publications.

Meet Our Faculty

  • Asli Ogunc

    Dr. Ogunc earned her MBA in Finance from Western Michigan University, MS and Ph.D. in Economics at LSU. She has over fifteen years of teaching experience and has received multiple teaching, research, and travel awards.

    Areas of Research: Econometrics, Economic Forecasting

  • Debra Thode

    Mrs. Thode is the administrative secretary in the Economics & Finance Department and has been in this position since January of 2001.

  • Chuck Arize

    Dr. Arize is a distinguished faculty member with papers that have been cited by more than 2000 authors. He is listed among the top 100 economists around the world by the American Economic Association.

    Areas of Research: Business Administration, Management

  • Raymond J. Ballard

    Dr. Ballard earned a B.A in Economics and Business, M.A in Economics, Ph.D. in Economics and has over forty years of experience teaching. He has served as consultant, editor, and director for several international companies and states.

    Areas of Research: Economics, Statistics

  • Tom Deaton

    Dr. Deaton received his Ph.D. in Economics from Texas A&M University-College Station. He as worked in the telecom industry for 22 years and served as VP of Technology Forecasting for RHK.

    Areas of Research: Public & Political Economics

  • Donald English

    Dr. English earned his Ph.D from the University of North Dakota and has over 40 years of higher education teaching experience. His studies focus on education research and faculty development.

    Areas of Research: Business Administration, Management

  • Dale R.  Funderburk

    Dr. Funderburk, a native East Texan, earned his B.A. in economics, M.S. and Ph.D. in economics from Oklahoma State University, and has over thirty years of teaching experience. He was named the "Global Educator of the Year" by the AGBA.

    Areas of Research: Monetary Theory, Policy

  • Al Gormus

    Dr. Gormus earned a B.A in Business Administration, Master's Degree in Economics, Ph.D. in Finance, and has worked for several prestigious companies. He uses his background for effective teaching and research.

    Areas of Research: Investments

  • Kishor Kumar  Guru-Gharana

    Dr. Guru-Gharana earned his Ph.D. from Southern Methodist University and specializes in economics and management. He was also a founding Dean and Principal of Capital College and Research Center, in Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Areas of Research: Business Administration, Statistics

  • Celine Hoe

    Dr. Celine Hoe has earned her MBA-Finance from GWU and her Ph.D. in Finance from UT-Arlington. She has published several articles on Game theory and Real Options in various Financial Review Journals.

    Areas of Research: Asset Pricing, Corporate Finance

  • Stanley  Holmes

    Dr. Holmes earned his Ph.D. in Economics from TAMU - College Station in 1978. He spent 27 years working in the corporate sector and has extensive international business experience.

    Areas of Research: Business Forecasting, Industrial Organization

  • Lirong Liu

    Dr. Liu earned her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Tennessee in 2008 and has a background in environmental and emerging market economics. She has been awarded several grants and presents at conferences throughout the US.

    Areas of Research: Environmental Economics, Regulation

  • Edgar Manton

    Dr. Manton is a distinguished professor who graduated earned his DBA from FSU. Has has served as the Assistant to Director of Launch Support Operations at NASA where he developed contract management plans for future space programs.

    Areas of Research: Business Administration, Management

  • Frannie Miller

    Frannie Miller has a B.S in Animal Science and a M.S in Agricultural Economics from New Mexico State University. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Political Economy from UT Dallas.

    Areas of Research: Economic Agricultural Policy

  • Srinivas Nippani

    Dr. Nippani earned his Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Arkansas. Dr. Nippani is the first winner of the Provost Award for Research and has been featured in the Washington Post and New York Times.

    Areas of Research: Investments, Banking

  • Dror Parnes

    Dr. Parnes specializes in Financial Management, Investment Analysis, International Finance. He holds a Ph.D. in Finance from Baruch College, City University of New York

    Areas of Research: Financial Management, International Finance

  • Steven Shwiff

    Dr. Shwiff earned his Master's degree in Economics from St. Mary's University, and Ph.D. in Economics from TAMU - College Station in June of 1977. Dr. Shwiff has been awarded the Outstanding Teaching Professor Award at TAMUC twice.

    Areas of Research: Urban and Regional Economics