A&M students met with veteran Wall Street fund managers and traders to learn about portfolio management, derivatives and alternative investments.

During the spring break, as the Economics and Finance Society, we took a trip to New York to attend the Global Asset Management conference. Our students had the opportunity to meet with veteran Wall Street fund managers and traders as well as attend workshops which included portfolio management, derivatives and alternative investments. In addition to learning about the industry, our students were exposed to the future trends and relevant success factors in the field.

The Quinnipiac Global Asset Management Education (G.A.M.E.) forum brought an international group of participants to New York City for a three-day conference. Our university was represented via the Economics and Finance Society students and Dr. Al Gormus as the faculty advisor. The purpose of the conference was to bring high-profile industry leaders and finance students together towards beneficial discussions in respect to the current and future topography of the financial sector.

At the beginning of the conference, four different keynote sessions including the world markets, world economy, corporate governance and investments, helped introduce the industry leaders and their take on different topics. While the speakers were not shy about discussing their triumphs and mistakes in their careers, students were encouraged to ask about any topic they chose fit. The brilliance of these sessions was in the construction of the speaker groups that as much as they agreed on many topics, the disagreements were also discussed in detail.

The second and the third days of the conference included simultaneous sessions about a variety of topics including portfolio management, derivatives, alternative investments, recruiting, technical analysis and investment banking. Our students had the ability to pick the sessions they saw fit for their current interests and were encouraged to also attend sessions about topics to which they had limited exposure.

After the conference, our students talked about the extreme value this trip provided for them and expressed the importance of this exposure towards clarifying their future path in the financial sector.

New York City Quinnipiac G.A.M.E. Forum March 2015