Health and Human Performance

Welcome to the Department of Health & Human Performance at
Texas A&M University-Commerce. We offer graduate and undergraduate programs in health with teacher certification; health promotion; kinesiology with teacher certification; human performance; sports and recreation management; and athletic training.  Our accomplished faculty and small class sizes produce an inviting atmosphere for learning and scholarship.

The Department of Health & Human Performance at Texas A & M University – Commerce strives to become the premier health and human performance department in the A&M System.

The Department of Health & Human Performance achieves excellence in implementing challenging academic curricula that prepare leaders in the fields of health, kinesiology, and sport to excel in a dynamic and digital society.  The Department empowers and engages students and faculty through applied knowledge and real-world experiences in diverse community and global settings.  Faculty and students produce and disseminate quality research that is current and relevant to communities of learners in our academic, professional, and global environments.

Meet our Faculty

  • Tara  Tietjen-Smith

    Tara Tietjen-Smith, DA, CHES

    Interim Department Head and Associate Professor

    Dr. Tietjen-Smith has a doctorate in Health and Physical Education from Middle Tennessee State University. She is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES), and has served almost two decades in higher education.

    Areas of Research:

    Higher Education Administration, Womenâ??s Health

  • Quynh  Dang

    Quynh Dang, PhD

    Assistant Professor

  • Sarah  Mitchell

    Sarah Mitchell, MS

    Director Athletic Training Education Program

  • Gwendolyn Weatherford

    Gwendolyn Weatherford, PhD, CAPE

    Assistant Professor/ Graduate Coordinator

    Dr. Weatherford received her Ph.D. in Sport Management from Texas Womanâ??s University and is currently serving as Graduate Coordinator for the Health, Kinesiology, and Sport Studies masterâ??s program.

    Areas of Research:

    Administration, Sport for Development & Social Improvement

  • Henry  Ross

    Henry Ross, PhD


  • Lauren  Rhodes

    Lauren Rhodes, PhD

    Instructor/FRA Coordinator

  • Sandy  Kimbrough

    Sandy Kimbrough, PhD

    Associate Professor

  • Sangkwon Lee

    Sangkwon Lee, PhD

    Associate Professor

  • Spencer  Willis

    Spencer Willis, PhD

    Director, Academy for Health Potential/Instructor

  • Steve  Prewitt

    Steve Prewitt, PhD

    Assistant Professor

  • Vipa  Bernhardt

    Vipa Bernhardt, PhD

    Assistant Professor

  • Ruth  Beelitz

    Ruth Beelitz, MS

    Ad-Interim Instructor

  • Billie  Abell

    Billie Abell

    Administrative Assistant

  • Judy Allen, MS

    Adjunct Professor

  • Rebecca Rouse, MS

    Adjunct Professor

  • Justin Bryant, MS

    Adjunct Professor

  • Michael Oldham, MS

    Adjunct Professor

  • Courtney Blackmon, MS

    Adjunct Professor

  • Bill Grant, MS


  • Corrie Reed, MS

    Adjunct Professor

  • Justin Crossland, MS

    Adjunct Professor

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