Special Education

Special Education (Undergraduate)

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The Department offers an all-level generic special education certification program for undergraduates. Students pursuing teaching careers at the Elementary (EC- grade 6), intermediate/middle school (grades 4-8) and high school levels (grades 8-12) may also select special education as a supplemental certification area. The certificate in special education provides the teacher with knowledge of disabling conditions and their effects on learning, as well as adaptations, accommodations and modifications for providing instruction in the least restrictive setting. The generic special education program prepares graduates for careers as special education teachers or related service personnel.

A graduate with all-level Generic Special Education endorsement should possess the following competencies: knowledge of disabling conditions; knowledge of professional roles, strategies for promoting learning and development; and techniques to promote achievement in English language arts, reading and math. Academic advisement for programs in Special Education teacher education should be obtained through the Special Education Advisor in the Department.

All Level SPED Major Degree Plan

ED AIDE (EC-6) SPED Degree Plan

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree with generic special education as either a second teaching field or an interdisciplinary studies major must complete: (1) general requirements for a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree (refer to the bachelor’s degree requirements section of this catalog); (2) University Studies requirements (refer to that section of this catalog); (3) requirements for admission to and retention in the Teacher Education Program (refer to Center for Educator Certification and Academic Services section of this catalog); and (4) professional development courses (refer to the Secondary and Higher Education section or interdisciplinary studies major of this catalog). In addition, courses in the major must be completed as shown below. Students interested in special education should seek early academic advisement for developing degree plans. Some courses in the undergraduate curriculum are offered on a schedule rather than every term. Students seeking certification at the 4-8 or 8-12 levels may also choose to seek supplemental certification in generic special education. Students desiring to teach in the elementary school (EC-6) special education should select the interdisciplinary studies major with supplemental certification in Generic Special Education.