Department of History

Welcome to the Department of History at Texas A&M University-Commerce, where we cultivate an appreciation for diversity and offer opportunities to engage with and serve university, regional, national and global communities.


graduate certificates

The Department of History offers B.A., B.S., M.A. and M.S. degrees as well as specialized certificates that acknowledge the acquisition of specific skills. The department engages students with the human past, preparing them for responsible democratic citizenship. Additionally, department faculty members sharpen students’ ability to analyze, write, and think critically and develop the professional skills necessary for a modern workforce. Faculty members have designed a program that incorporates a range of specializations in American, European, Asian and Latin American history from which students may select.

Faculty members have established a proven track-record of engaging students with the practice of  history that prepares students for their chosen careers in the academy, community and classroom. The program at Texas A&M University–Commerce provides students with foundational graduate-level work which has helped them gain entry into PhD programs. Additionally, the department offers opportunities for select graduate students to gain valuable teaching experience; those individuals chosen for graduate assistanceships become instructors in their own classes that they develop from scratch and teach—such experience distinguishes the department’s Masters’ students from many of their peers throughout the state. Furthermore, the department’s graduate students are active presenters at conferences, with faculty members guiding and facilitating such professional development.

 The department’s majors use their degrees in history to pursue a variety of careers in academia and education. They are trained to become professional historians. They become secondary educators who teach history or social studies in secondary schools. They find employment as museum and archival professionals. Students also enter into government service, law, politics, publishing, genealogical services and public relations.

Sharon A. Kowalsky
Interim Department Head and Associate Professor of History
Spring 2018