Mission of the College

Mission Statement (revised 1/20/2016)

As one of the intellectual and creative cores of the university, the CHSSA is the locus of liberal arts education at Texas A&M University -  Commerce. The College’s core mission toward its students is trifold:

  • The College provides general studies course as a foundation for student learning in the entire university;
  • The College provides Bachelor’s degrees to the students enrolled as our majors;
  • The College provides graduate courses, certificates and degrees, Master’s and Doctoral programs.

The College strives for excellence and a global vision in its endeavors, while being accountable for its results and efficient in achieving them.

The College is committed to student success and facilitates instruction by providing services such as advising, tutoring, mentoring, and other support activities for the students.

The College’s graduates have the capacity to communicate clearly and effectively, to understand literary, historical, sociological, and geo-political issues, and appreciate and participate in the visual and performing arts.

The College serves students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community at large (including the scholarly community) regionally, nationally, and internationally and strives toward diversity in all its activities. The College provides cultural and artistic activities for the community and region on a regular basis.

The College facilitates the faculty’s roles as instructors, researchers and creative artists in their teaching, research, creative activities, and service.

The College updates and disseminates its mission and goals regularly.