Employee Scholarship Program

The University offers an Employee Scholarship to qualified faculty and staff who are registered for classes.  The scholarship covers the tuition portion of course charges up to 6 credit hours per term.

The University procedure for the Employee Scholarship program can be accessed at www.tamuc.edu/aboutUs/policiesProceduresStandards Statements/rulesProcedures/31Compensation AndBenefits/31.99.01R0.02EmployeeScholarshipProgram.pdf

BAAS-ORGL and BSCJ-CJCB students are limited to a maximum scholarship of $300 for each 7 week course module.

Scholarship applications for upcoming terms can be accessed using the links below.

Employee Scholarship Application Form for Fall 2020

Completed application forms should be sent to Crystal McIlveene in Human Resources for review.  They will then send approved applications to Student Accounts for further processing.  A promissory note is attached to the application form and a completed promissory note must be submitted to Students Accounts to complete the scholarship process.  We will post your scholarship once we have both an approved application and a completed promissory note.

Completed promissory notes can be faxed to us at 903-468-6048 or a scanned copy sent by email is also OK.  Scanned copies should be sent to Charlie Turner at Charlie.Turner@tamuc.edu.