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The ISSS is located in the Halladay Student Services Building Room 104 and we are open Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.  We are open throughout the year except during university recognized holidays.  

Walk-in Advising Hours

The ISSS provides walk-in advising hours for students who may have general questions or concerns:

  • Walk-in advising sessions are limited to 15 minutes per student and are intended to answer general questions or concerns.  
  • Students may not use walk-in times for travel signatures, letter requests, or other general request.
  • During the posted times there will be an advisor available to assist students who may walk-in, call the ISSS, or Skype call the ISSS.
  • The ISSS staff will not be available during non-walk in times.  
  • Students will need to visit the ISSS during the walk-in times to ensure an advisor will be available.  

Walk-in advising hours will be canceled during all ISSS sponsored event (for example- check-in and welcome, international coffee hour, travel signature week, Intl Education Week) and during semester breaks.  Be sure to review our Summer and Fall Calendar for our schedule of events.  

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:30am-11:30am Not Available 9:30am-11:30am Not Available 9:30am-11:30am
1:30pm-4pm 1:30pm-4pm 1:30pm-4pm 1:30pm-4pm Not Available


Contact Information:

Phone Number: 903-886-5097

Email: Intl.Stu@tamuc.edu (general inquiries)

IntlInsurance@tamuc.edu (insurance inquiries)

New.Intl@tamuc.edu (new student inquiries)


Facebook: International Student & Scholar Services at Texas A&M University-Commerce

Emergency Contact: In case of an emergency after normal business hours or over a semester break students may contact the University Police Department at 903-886-5868 and they will contact an ISSS staff member if necessary.  An emergency would include being detained at prort of entry or a medical emergency (after contacting 911 or seeking medical assistance).