Training and Workshops

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) encourages and supports faculty efforts to gain extramural funding for research and creative activities. The ORSP is committed to an effective compliance plan which promotes ethical conduct in research and scholarship.

Below are links to research compliance training, other training from our office, and links to register for face-to-face compliance trainings when they are offered.

Research Compliance Training

The required trainings are always available at the link above ('Research Compliance Training') through the CITI website,  but are not always available Face-to-Face (see below).

Training Calendar
Other Training Offered by ORSP - 

Other training offered by ORSP includes such sessions as Creating a Proposal in Maestro, Maestro for Projects, Grant EPA Training, Travel on a Grant, and Budget Development for Grant Proposals.  See our Training Calendar by clicking the link above.
Training can also be requested for individual departments or groups.  Email or call Glenda Denton at 903-886-5766.

Face-to-Face Compliance Training

Carefully check the dates at the Registration links below as these are offered only once per year or semester.  Please use the CITI website to complete your RCR or Protection of Human Subjects training if the dates for Registration are not available.   Employees should use the department of Training and Development Calendar to  register for these training classes.

Non-Employees should register here when these are available.

Registration - Protection of Human Subjects Training

Registration - Introduction to Biosafety Training

Registration - Biosafety Level II (BSL2) Training (None upcoming)

Maestro Training

ORSP offers monthly classroom training classes for Maestro.  The classes are:

Creating a Proposal in Maestro

Managing a Project in Maestro

If you have questions about using the Maestro program, please contact

You can register for the classes on the Training and Development course calendar.  If you are unable to attend the class, you may contact us for a one-on-one session.

Roles and Functions of IACUC and Attending Veterinarian at Institutions of Higher Education

Please contact Glenda Denton for access to the training videos at or 903-886-5766