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Dr. Charles and Elaine Jones Scholarship

picture of Charles and Elaine Jones

Many students still remember Dr. Jones as one of their most outstanding professors. He has left an indelible impression in the hearts of many students who have taken his physics courses. To them he made physics comprehensible; even non-physics majors still cherish fond memories of his courses.

During his tenure at East Texas State University, Dr. Charles Jones was dedicated to the teaching of physics and developed courses in astronomy and energy conservation and management. He was actively involved in developing programs in science education and also played a lead role in securing grants for maintaining research activity in the department.

Always open for suggestions, willing to share ideas and thoughts, very strong foresight, and good leadership are among the traits which make him outstanding among his colleagues. He is commonly known as a "wood-working guy," a name arising from his hobby: house construction. Since his retirement in 1992, Dr. Jones appropriately uses his time in the fulfillment of his hobby.

Dr. Jones has five sons, all of whom currently enjoy successful careers. His wife, Elaine, was active in the University Dames association for many years. She was intimately involved with the establishment of the Greenville Christian School in Greenville, Texas, where she taught first grade for more than a decade. Both were also involved in local community and church activities in the Commerce area. Certainly, part of his successful career can be attributed to his better half. They are currently residing at their home (built by him of course) near Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Dr. Charles Jones received his B.S. in 1952 and M.S. in 1957 from the University of Arkansas and obtained his Ph. D. from Texas A&M University, College Station, in 1965. During this tenure, he was involved in teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels. He was an associate professor at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, until 1970, when he joined East Texas State University as Professor and Head of the Department of Physics.

During his long career as the Head of the Department of Physics (1970-1992), Dr. Jones provided strong leadership, established quality programs for students pursuing higher studies in physics, and touched many students' lives.

As a befitting tribute to this champion of physics, we propose to set up a scholarship fund under the name "Dr. Charles and Elaine Jones Scholarship." This award will be presented to outstanding students majoring in physics. We therefore seek your patronage for the endowment of this scholarship.

NOTE: Elaine passed away February 8, 2010.

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For more information contact Dr. Anil Chourasia or via telephone at (903)886-5485