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Classroom Technology Faculty Resources

 To schedule a classroom technology training session, please contact either Tina Freeman or Mike Smith in the CFEI by calling (903)886-5511 or e-mailing

Getting Started

Basic Classroom Technology Operation (PDF)

Connecting a Laptop-PC (PDF) (Video Demo)

Apple Adapters for Mac Books  (These are not kept in classrooms.  Faculty member's academic department will need to provide.)

Top 3 Things You Should Know About Your Classroom Technology (PDF)


Most classrooms on the Commerce campus have an Epson BrightLink Interactive projector installed.  This uses a standard whiteboard as a projection surface that will allow digital annotations using either Epson's Easy Interactive Tools or Promethean's ActiveInspire.  In many cases, these digital annotations can be saved for further use, whether as a PDF or image.

Posted in each classroom is a brief set of instructions on how to operate the projector, as well as utilize either ActiveInspire or Easy Interactive Tools for digital annotation. Please note that the programs will not run simultaneously. 

For technical support, please contact the CITE Help Desk at 903-468-6000 or

For faculty training on instructional use of the software, please contact the Office of Academic Technology at 903-886-5511.

Below are some additional resources pertaining to both Active Inspire and Easy Interactive Tools.

ActivInspire Resources

ActivInspire is a presentation software that facilitates annotating PowerPoint, PDFs, and other resources for classroom presentation and engagement.  

Introduction to the Software (video)

Tools and Activities (video)

Management Tools (video)

Importing a PowerPoint (video)

Exporting to PDF (video)

Entire User Manual (PDF)

Epson Easy Interactive Tools Resources

Epson Easy Interactive Tools is an annotative tool installed on classroom computers.

How to use Easy Interactive Tools in Interactive Mode (video) 

How to Use Computer-Free Annotation in Whiteboard Mode on BrightLink (video)

Document Cameras (Digital Presenters)

Many classrooms have a document camera or digital presenter.  These devices provide faculty a means to display printed documents, text books, objects on the projector.  There are a few different types of document cameras used on campus.

Document Camera

Epson ELPDC21 Document Camera

User's Guide PDF

Quick Start and Warranty PDF

Samsung SDP-860 Document Camera

Samsung 860 SDP: This is the most common model.  It is a small black, square shaped unit that has many features.  Manual - PDF, DOCX. Quick Reference - PDF

The Hovercam Ultra

Hovercam Ultra: The Hovercam Ultra is the most current document camera model with limited availability in the classroom.  It features an LCD preview and control screen, a slim profile, and uses a USB  connection to display through the classroom computer. Manual: PDF.