Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Employment Application

Q. Do I need an application for each position?

     A. Yes.

Q. May I submit an application to be kept on file?

      A. No, online applications for each position posted is required.


Q. What are Documents that establish Employment Authorization?

 A. The following documents are acceptable for Form I-9 to establish an employee’s employment authorization and identity. The comprehensive Lists of Acceptable Documents can be found here.

To establish both identity and employment authorization, a person must present to their employer a document or combination of documents from List A, which shows both identity and employment authorization; OR one document from List B, which shows identity AND one document from List C, which shows employment authorization.

Student Employment

Q. How do I become eligible for Work Study?

      A. You must complete the FAFSA online and mark “yes” to the question on the FAFSA that asks you if you are interested in Student Employment.

Q. What is the difference between Work-Study jobs and Regular Campus student jobs?

     A. The jobs and pay are the same, only the source of funding is different.

Q. How many hours can I work?

     A. Student workers are allowed to work 19 hours per week. Additionally Work-Study students cannot earn more than your Work-Study Award. Work schedules are arranged between the student and his/her supervisor.

Q. When will I get paid?

     A. Paychecks are issued biweekly on Fridays. Paychecks are based upon time reports submitted by employees on the previous Wednesday and approved by each department.

Q. Can I work during the Holiday break?

     A. Although Regular Campus Student Workers are eligible to work during the break based on departmental funding, Work-Study students can only work through the last day of the semester. A Work-Study Student worker can obtain special permission in the Financial Office.

Q. Can I work as a Graduate Assistant and Regular Student worker? 

     A. You can work both ONLY if you work 10 hours as a Graduate Assistant and the remaining hours do not exceed the hours allowed for a Student Worker to work per week.


Q. Where do I get a replacement or new benefit card?                                   


Q. What insurance do I have?

     A. Faculty and staff have Blue Cross Blue Shield

         GA's-BCBS through Academic Health Plans

Q. How much does my insurance pay?

     A. Plans differ – for both coverage and costs.

Q. What providers are on my plan?

     A. Faculty and Staff see providers online at                   

Q. Who is responsible for selecting the insurance companies and plans offered to employees?

     A. Texas A&M University System Office personnel in College Station.


Q. Are you allowed to borrow from your ORP/TRS retirement accounts?

     A. No, not until you terminate.

Q. How long does it take to receive a refund of deposits from TRS after termination?

     A. Approximately 60 days.

Q. What age can I retire with full benefits?

     A. If you were retired from or employed in a benefits-eligible position with the A&M System on August 31, 2003, you are eligible for health coverage as a retiree when:you are at least age 55 and have at least 5-years of service credit, or your age plus years of service equal at least 80, or you have at least 30-years of service, and you have 3-years of service with the A&M System, and the A&M System is your last state employer.

If you were hired by the A&M System in a benefits-eligible position after August 31, 2003, or if you left A&M System employment before August 31, 2003, and did not meet the criteria listed at left as of August 31, 2003, you are eligible for health coverage as a retiree when:you are at least age 65 and have at least 10-years of service credit, or your age plus years of service equal at least 80 and you have 10-years of service credit, and you have 10-years of service with the A&M System, and the A&M System is your last state employer.

Q. What percent of my salary is contributed toward my retirement (TRS and ORP) and what does the employer contribute?

     A. TRS – 7.7% by the employee and 6.8% by the employer.
    ORP – 6.65% by the employee and 6.6% by the employer.

Worker’s Compensation

Q. How do I file for Workers’ Comp? 

     A. Contact Human Resources for the Employee’s First Report of Injury form and submit to Human Resources along with notifying your supervisor immediately.

Vacation/Sick/FMLA Leave

Q. What do I put on my time sheet if I worked on Saturday?

     A. The exact amount of hours that you actually worked.

Q. Can I use Emergency Leave for the death of an Aunt or Uncle?

      A. No.

Q. What kind of illness counts under the Sick Leave Pool?

      A. Catastrophic Illness.

Two-Factor Authentication

Q. How do I setup Two-Factor Authentication in SSO?

A. Here is a step-by-step guide.