Graduate Degree Programs

MS – Higher Education - with an emphasis in Administration (HIED)
MS – Higher Education - with an emphasis in College Teaching (HIED)


The Higher Education Doctor of Education (EdD) Degree

The Doctor of Education degree in Higher Education (HIED) is available through the Department of Higher Education and Learning Technologies at A&M University-Commerce.  The student may select one of two options:  A 60-semester-hour program or a 90-semester-hour program.

  • The 60-semester-hour program is designed specifically for persons who already have a Master’s degree. Building upon the Master’s degree, the program requires a major field of 48 semester hours (Including the dissertation), plus 12 semester hours of research tools. Click Here for HIED Doctoral Handbook 
  • The 90-semester-hour program requires everything from the 60-semester-hour program plus a minor - 10 courses from outside the major - which can be comprehensive or split. A comprehensive minor requires that all 10 courses come from one field whereas a split minor (6-4 or 5-5) requires courses from two. An interdisciplinary minor (4-3-3) is also possible. Click Here for HIED Doctoral Handbook 

The research tools for both options are proficiency in educational statistics and in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.  Students must also be proficient in the use of technology as more courses through out the doctoral program are being adapted for delivery via the web.


Each student is required to complete residency after admission to the doctoral program.  Residency provides students with opportunities for enculturation in higher education that provide experience and training toward independent application of skills commensurate with holders of doctoral degrees.  The student will plan the residency activities with the approval of the major advisor. Residency forms can be accessed HERE

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Doctoral Dissertations in Higher Education

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