Liberal Studies

Welcome to Liberal Studies!

In Liberal Studies, you will work one-on-one with a faculty mentor to
design an individualized degree that meets your needs and interests.

Liberal Studies, housed in the College of Humanities, Social Sciences,
and Arts, allows you to build the degree that best suits your interests
and ambitions. An interdisciplinary undergraduate program designed to
meet the needs of our increasingly diverse culture and marketplace,
Liberal Studies draws from all areas of traditional university
learning-the humanities, fine arts, the social sciences, math, and the
natural sciences-in order to develop the kind of learning valued today
by many educators and employers: communication skills, critical
thinking, and the ability to master new subjects, ideas, and skills.

Its flexible yet coherent degree program is made up of courses taught
through traditional classroom methods as well as through non-traditional
instruction, such as distance education and online teaching.

Dr. Mark Menaldo

Associate Professor, Head of Liberal Studies Department