Faculty and Staff

Kent Montgomery Planetarium Asteroids Astronomy Astrophysics Galaxy Star CosmologyDr. Kent Montgomery

Interim Department Head 
Planetarium Director
& Senior Professional Track Faculty

Office: Science Building, Room 106
Phone: 903-886-8650
Fax: 903-468-6020
E-mail: Kent.Montgomery@tamuc.edu

Carlos Bertulani Nuclear Theory Astrophysics Neutron Star Stellar Galaxy CosmologyDr. Carlos A. Bertulani


Office: Science Building, Room 140 (Office) 141  (Lab)
Phone: 903-886-5882


E-mail: Carlos.Bertulani@tamuc.edu

Anil Chourasia Condensed matter solid state physics surface physics

Dr. Anil Chourasia     


Office: Science Building, Room 232 (Office)  113 (Lab)
Phone: 903-886-5485 (O)

903-886-5491 (L)
E-mail: Anil.Chourasia@tamuc.edu

Davis Planetarium Astronomy Astrophysics Asteroids

Dr. Cheri Davis

Assistant Professional Track Faculty & Assistant Planetarium Director

Office: Science Building, Room 148
Phone: 903-468-8650

E-mail: Cheri.Davis@tamuc.edu


Bao-An Li Nuclear Physics Astrophysics

Dr. Bao-An Li

Regents Professor

Office: Science Building, Room 142 (Office) 143 (Lab)
Phone: 903-886-5478
E-mail: Bao-An.Li@tamuc.edu

Robynne Lock, Assistant Professor

Dr. Robynne Lock

Assistant Professor

Office: Science Building, Room 238
Phone: 903-886-8767
E-mail: Robynne.Lock@tamuc.edu


Will Newton Nuclear Astrophysics Supernova Neutron Star Astronomy Astrophysics

Dr. William Newton

Associate Professor

Office: Science Building,  Room 236
Phone: 903-886-5369
E-mail: William.Newton@tamuc.edu


Dr. Heungman ParkDr. Heungman Park

Assistant Professor

Office: Science Building,  Room 240
Phone: 903-468-8654
E-mail: Heungman.Park@tamuc.edu


Kurtis Williams White Dwarf Stellar Astronomy Astrophysics Galaxies Cosmology

Dr. Kurtis Williams

Associate Professor

Office: Science Building, Room 144 (Office) 145 (Lab)
Phone: 903-886-5516
E-mail: Kurtis.Williams@tamuc.edu

Matt Wood Astronomy Astrophysics Stars Galaxies Cosmology Texas Dallas

Dr. Matt A. Wood

Interim Vice Provost for Research, Dean of
Graduate Studies, Professor

Office: McDowell 142, Lib 225 
Phone: 903-886-5160

E-mail: Matt.Wood@tamuc.edu

Emeritus Faculty

Chopra Physics Astronomy Astrophysics Texas

Dr. Dev Chopra

Regents Professor
Retired 1999


Dr. Ben Doughty physics

Dr. Ben Doughty

Retired 2011



Melisa PopeMelisa Pope, Administrative Assistant II

Administrative Associate III
Office: Science Building, Room 106
Phone: 903-886-5488
E-mail: Melisa.Pope@tamuc.edu