Multimedia Production

The Office of Academic Technology (AT) assists with all aspects of multimedia production for fully online, blended, and face to face courses. Utilizing Camtasia, faculty can produce videos that help students succeed in their online courses. Create videos that help orient students the first day of the course, introduce new concepts, and even deliver individual feedback on projects. With Camtasia Studio's flexible recording options, you can choose to capture recordings in a variety of formats. 

AT helps lead video productions from pre-production all the way through to post-production for faculty who choose to include video components within the courses, while ensuring these videos meet closed captioning standards for accessibility.

To schedule an appointment, contact Russ Gregg at

A trial version of Camtasia can be downloaded from the Techsmith site.  A license key for activating the full version can be ordered from the Texas A&M SELL site.

For further resources, please consult our educational technology webpage regarding Camtasia.