Marketing Photo Shoot Request

Like you, we want to get the most out of each photography project. Great imagery can enhance the impact of the content we work with you to create.  Here are a couple of things to consider when requesting a photography project.

  • What is your goal?
    • If your goal is to share the imagery from a photoshoot with the campus community and/or external audiences as content for the web, news media, professional publications or any number of social media audiences, then we want to work with you.
    • If your goal is to capture people and scenes from an event for internal purposes, we suggest using a good cell phone or checking out a loaner camera from the Gee Library. We can help with a tutorial on how to get the best photos out of your cell phone or a loaner. 
  • Lead time: We need at least two week's notice to fit your project into our schedule.

Turnaround time for photos can range from 1-2 weeks or longer depending on the length of the event and any post-production work that is required. For events that require more time, the images will be published in portions.


  • Use the settings on our camera app to control the exposure (brightness or darkness) of the image and capture the details of your subject.
  • If you want to share images, avoid texting them.  The quality will be better preserved if it’s emailed.  Be sure to choose the original size of the image.
  • Cropping a photo reduces its quality. Instead, try getting closer to your subject at the event.


General iPhone Shooting:
Posing tips: