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Initiatives and Legislation

Current Initiatives

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Created new Student Government Committee to address diversity, equity, and inclusion in Student Government and on campus.

What Do You Want Wednesday - Every Wednesday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Student Government will be tabling on campus to hear your concerns and provide you with some cool giveaways!

Q&A With The Exec - Our Executive Officers will be hosting their own Q&A show for students. Every other Tuesday at 4 p.m. we will host a live Q&A on our social media for students to ask questions and talk about important topics impacting students. There may even be a few special guests.


Instruction Communication Improvement Bill 
Passed by vote 8-0-0 on 11/4/2020
Introduced by Senator Hays
Sponsored by Senator Drake

Black History Month Resolution
Passed by vote 8-0-0 on 2/3/2021
Introduced by President Williams

Hammock Grove

Need a place to relax, study, or destress? 

Check out the Hammock Groves located between New Pride Residence Halls and Campus Recreation or by Outdoor Adventure!

Hammocks can be checked out at the Morris Recreation Center and Outdoor Adventure or you can set up your own hammock! Campus Rec offers 2 types of hammocks; a single or double. The single for 1 person, and double can fit 2 people. Check out Campus Recreation's website here for more information about hours and checking out equipment: 

The Hammock Grove was initiated by Student Government to help students find a place to relax, destress, and study in a comfortable outdoor environment. 

Hammock Hammocks