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Who are the Faculty Advisors that can help me with advising in the College of Education and Human Services?

COEHS Faculty Advisor Contact List

All students must see a Curriculum & Instruction Academic Advisor

Campus Advisor's Name Advisor's Email Address Office
Commerce Beckly Adams Ed South 210
MPLX-Mesquite Debra Lee MPLX 134A
CHEC-McKinney Sarah Guthery CHEC 132
NAVR-Corscicana Julia Persky NAVR

Health & Human Performance




Dr. Elizabeth Wachira

Health Promo & All-Level Health

Dr. Sandy Kimbrough

All-Level Kinesiology

Dr. Clay Bolton

Sports & Rec Management

Dr. Vipa Bernhardt

Human Performance

Social Work

Lyndsey Norris          

Social Work  

Psychology & Special Education

Dr. Maria Carlson

Michelle Hanks

Special Education

Dr. Lacy Krueger



Dr.Barbara  Tucker    Nursing                                                                      

Educational Leadership

Dr. Charlotte Larkin

Educational Leadership                   

Higher Education &Learning Technologies

Dr. Kibum Kwon 

Learning Technology