Criteria, Procedures & Funding

The Faculty Development Leave program at Texas A&M University-Commerce is designed to assist teaching and other academic professionals to develop and pursue worthy academic study, research, writing, field observation, or other suitable purposes that require significant time and the absence of distractions. Faculty Development Leaves are subject to the laws of the State of Texas and to the regulations and rules of the Texas A&M University System.

Qualified faculty members at Texas A&M University-Commerce may apply for a leave of one semester at full pay OR two semesters at half pay.



  1. A faculty member is defined as a person employed by A&M-Commerce whose full-time duties, as specified in his/her contract, are teaching and/or research.
  2. Faculty members are eligible to be considered for a Faculty Development Leave when they have served as members of the faculty of A&M-Commerce for a minimum of two consecutive, full-time, academic years.
  3. Applicants must submit all required documentation to the Faculty Development Leave Committee according to established time lines. 
  4. The Faculty Development Leave Committee shall give due consideration to each applicant and base its deliberations and decisions upon the following criteria:
    1. Prior record of scholarly or professional achievement;
    2. Description of the potential contribution of research or writing to an academic or professional discipline;
    3. Evidence that the development leave activity can be completed.
  5. Within ninety days following completion of faculty development leave, each applicant will present to the Department Chair, Dean, and Provost a brief written report on accomplishments resulting from the leave. (Eligibility starting date for succeeding faculty development leave begins with the delivery of the report of accomplishments to the chair.)


  1. NOT more than six percent of the faculty members of Texas A&M University-Commerce may be on Faculty Development Leave at one time.
  2. Faculty Development Leave may NOT be used as a mechanism to complete a terminal degree.
  3. A faculty member may NOT accept employment from any person, corporation, or governmental agency, unless the Board of Regents determines that it would be in the public interest to do so and expressly approves the employment.
  4. Faculty members who accept a Faculty Development Leave will execute a legal agreement to serve two full consecutive academic years after completion of a Faculty Development Leave. The legal agreement shall include a clause requiring the faculty member to reimburse the University in the amount received as salary from A&M-Commerce while on leave, if the faculty member does not fulfill the two years of service. 

Rights of Faculty on Faculty Development Leave:

  1. A faculty member on faculty development leave retains the same rights regarding benefits such as retirement, medical/life insurance, and other benefits available to full-time faculty members at A&M-Commerce. 
  2. A faculty member on development leave may accept a grant for study, research, or travel from any institution of higher education; from a charitable, religious, educational corporation, or foundation; from any business enterprise; or from any federal, state, or local governmental agency.
  3. Should faculty members desire to extend their leaves without pay subsequent to the completion of a Faculty Development Leave, the faculty member may do so by agreement with the administration of A&M-Commerce. In this event, the two years of obligated service (see Limitations 4, above) will commence at the termination of the extended leave period. Death or permanent disability of the faculty member attested to by a medical doctor shall be the only exemptions from fulfilling this agreement.
  4. A faculty member who applied for but was not granted a faculty development leave may resubmit an application during the appropriate, subsequent time frame in order to be considered for further leaves. 

Procedures for Application

  1. Application for Faculty Development Leave may be made at the beginning of the third consecutive academic year for leave (either fall or spring) in the following year. Requests for subsequent leaves shall observe the same pattern (two full academic years of service with application in the third year for leave in the fourth).
  2. Appropriate deadlines for receiving applications and certifying the list of those recommended by the Provost shall be established to facilitate the process of leaves. Deadlines are subject to change, but the following pattern will be followed:
    • September 30-Election results for Faculty Development Leave Committee
    • October 31-Committee publishes criteria, procedures, and funding and call for proposals
    • December 1-Deadline for proposals 
    • January 31-Announcement of recommended awards for the following year. 
      Committee recommends faculty development leave recipients for the following fiscal year to the Provost.
    • February-March-The Provost, with approval of the President, submits recommendations to the Chancellor for Board of Regents action.
    • April-May-Announcement of Board of Regents action.
  3. Criteria to be used in evaluating Faculty Development Leave proposals are as follows:
    1. Applicant’s prior record of scholarly or professional achievement, especially the record for the previous five years
    2. Potential contribution to the applicant’s discipline
    3. Evidence that the developmental leave activity can be completed during the request leave.

System Regulation 12.99.01:

Faculty Development Leave Rules and Procedures