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Computer Science & Information Systems


Fall 2014 MS CSCI and CPSI Comprehensive exams will concurrently take place on Thursday October 30th 1:30pm - 3:00pm, in Room JOUR 129.

Students should arrive at least half an hour before exam.

Only eligible students may take the Comprehensive exam.

SIGN UP: Students have to email their program coordinator (Dr. Jinoh Kim, jinoh.kim@tamuc.edu, for MS CSCI;  Dr. Unal "Zak" Sakoglu,unal.sakoglu@tamuc.edu, for MS CPSI) and cc Ms. Vicki Anderson by October 29th in order to sign up for the exam; the students should indicate in the email:
1. Your Lastname, Firstname, CWID
2. Your program, i.e. whether you are signing up for CSCI Comp Exam or CPSI Comp Exam,
3. Number of times you have attempted/taken the comprehensive exam before this exam.
4. Whether you are graduating this semester.
5. Put "Fall 2014 Comprehensive Exam Signup" in the subject line of the email.

There will be two questions per each core subject.

MS CSCI: You have to pick 4 core subjects (drop one core subject) and pick 1 question from each of the picked 4 core subjects, and in addition, pick and answer any two of the remaining questions from those picked 4 core subjects. So, answer total of 6 questions.

MS CPSI: You have to pick and answer one question from each of the 4 core subjects, and in addition two more questions of their choice. So, answer total of 6 questions.

Do attempt only 6 questions! If you attempt more than 6 questions, only 6 of your answers will be counted towards your total score and the rest of your question/answer(s) with the highest point(s) will be dropped. So, clearly mark your incorrect attempt with a big "X" mark on the whole page, if you attempt more than 6 questions.

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science at Texas A&M University-Commerce, one of the premium institutes for computer science research and education. Industry today is looking for computer science graduate with deeper skill sets. The Department of Computer Science, established in 1971, offers specialized undergraduate and graduate academic program in computer science with special focus on all your career needs. It is a center for research and education at the undergraduate and graduate level. 

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Every year top students from all over the world join Texas A&M University-Commerce attracted by the excellent faculty and immense educational opportunities available in the Computer Science Department. Also this department enjoys strong relationships with industry players that enable the students to discover and solve real world problems.

The Undergraduate Program

The Department of Computer Science offers two undergraduate programs, Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science and Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (B.S.C.I.S).  The goal of the undergraduate degree program is to prepare the student for a wide variety of applications found within the diverse computer science field. The graduates will acquire a strong technical foundation normally required for careers involving computer science engineering. The students are also provided with opportunities to interact and learn from eminent scientists and engineers from outside the University. There is a steady stream of seminars given by computer scientists from across the world. 

The Graduate Program & Research

To meet the diverse needs of the computing industry, the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems offers a master's degree program (M.S.) in Computer Science which blends applied and theoretical computer science concepts. The program is built around five core computer science courses supplemented by a set of electives which include areas such as database, artificial intelligence, network, computer engineering and data communications. The core courses, specialized track courses, and electives enable students to devise a degree plan which meets their individual professional interests as well as the needs of the industry. In addition, Texas A&M University-Commerce, Department of Computer Science offers one of the best environment for research in areas of data mining, ontology and semantic reasoning, scientific computing and systems. The graduate students are welcome to pursue their research interests and make significant contributions to major research initiatives. The computing facilities include both PC and UNIX based environments on an assortment of modern general purpose computing systems.

2-year Graduate Course Rotation Plan (view PDF)


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