Finance Lab

The finance lab is a modern space with a trading room feel for College of Business (COB) students and faculty to use, learn and apply current in-demand finance and analytics tools such as python, tableau, and Bloomberg. This space was conceptualized and funded by our faculty and alumni a few years ago and is now becoming a reality. The construction of the lab began in January 2021 and will finish by the end of May. The summer will be used to install the audio-visual equipment and furnish the space. The lab will have a total of 24 seats, 24 computers, 6 TV screens, video capabilities for remote education, a ticker tape and 12 Bloomberg terminals. This innovative space will offer students an invaluable hands-on learning experience and allow them to perform investment and trading room simulations, stock market competitions and obtain important industry certificates such as those offered by Bloomberg.

According to Dr. Nippani, “these terminals enable professors to bring the world of trading, security analysis, portfolio management, international finance, financial modeling and fixed income into the classroom for a significant enhancement in student education. Students learn how to use real-time data from the terminals in the same way as industry experts such as leading brokerage houses, banks, credit rating agencies and regulatory agencies. The lab enables students to be better prepared for the global market workplace. This innovation not only engages the students but also provides them a competitive edge.”

The COB is grateful to all those who made it possible to provide our students an environment that will better prepare them for a highly competitive business landscape.