Graduate Reception – Spring 2021

On Friday, April 30th, the College of Business (COB) hosted its traditional graduate reception. Faculty gathered to celebrate the achievements of our graduates and honor the dedication of their loved ones. Dr. Alex Williams was among the faculty, staff and graduate assistants who facilitated the event and welcomed the opportunity to meet students in person and celebrate with their families. “The entire college saw this event as an amazing opportunity to get to be a part of our students' lives and show them that we care about their success and want to see them succeed.” Dr. Williams commented.

The Marketing and Engagement Committee had an opportunity to pilot the new “Get a Job, Get a Gift” initiative where students who get new jobs or promotions receive a gift mug full of A&M-Commerce memorabilia and swag so that they can carry the Lion Legacy wherever life takes them. The goal of this initiative is to connect the COB with our students and create a successful Lion Network via LinkedIn. The event turned out a large number of graduates and we were able to make many connections that we hope will last decades.

All Graduates are encouraged to tag us in their social media posts for the opportunity to be featured on our pages and receive the gift mug upon getting a new job.