Student Organizations

We have over 140 different student organizations with more than 2,500 students involved. We recognize the importance of getting involved on campus and want to be that resource for you. Whether you need help joining, starting, or effectively running an organization, we have the information for you!

Build Your PawPrint

Start building your PawPrint. The PawPrint is your record of involvement while at Texas A&M University-Commerce. This record is verified and can be used to show what skills you have developed. This is a great opportunity to showcase your employability to a future employer and reflect on what you have learned while attending the University.

Check out more information about PawPrint HERE

Student Organization Challenge

The Student Organization achieving the most PawPrint points and calculated percentage based off number of members in an organization will win a trophy to be presented at the Student Organization Awards in April 2017. 

Spring 2017 Student Organization's Calendar


  • Mane Street
    January 23rd, 3pm-5pm l  Location: RSC Conference Rooms
  • PawPrint: Developing Marketable Skills
    January 31st, 11am-1pm l  Location: RSC Atrium


  • Student Organization Spring Training
    February 2nd, 5pm-6pm l  Location: RSC Traditions
  • Speed Networking and Collaboration Workshop
    February 16th, 3pm-5pm l  Location: RSC Innovations A&B
  • ManeSync Training
    February 23rd, 3pm-4pm l  Location: RSC Vision


  • Student Organization Member Leadership Development Workshop
    March 7th, 3pm-4pm l  Location: RSC Traditions
  • PawPrint Luncheon: Articulating Your Marketable Skills
    March 21st, 12pm-1pm l  Location: RSC Innovations A&B
  • Student Organization Rep Rally: Athletic Fee Referendum
    March 28, 6pm-7pm l  Location: RSC Innovations A&B


  • Student Organization Advisor Appreciation
    April 13th , 12pm-1pm l  Location: RSC Legacy A&B
  • Student Organization Awards
    April 17th, 5pm-6:30pm l  Location: RSC Conference Rooms
  • Speed Networking and Collaboration
    April 24th, 2pm-3pm l  Location: RSC Innovations A&B
  • ManeSync 101
    April 25th, 2pm-3pm l  Location: RSC Innovations A&B

There will be additional events added to the calendar throughout the semester.

Organization Re-registration is now open! Find instructions at this link:

Check out ManeSync!

You can access and contact all of our amazing registered student organizations by logging into our online community of student groups called ManeSync. All A&M-Commerce students and staff have access to this online resource.

  1. Log into MyLeo
  2. Click the "ManeSync" link on the top right
  3. If it's your first time in ManeSync, you'll need to fill in some necessary profile info. You can even upload a picture of yourself!
  4. You're in! Now you can start exploring our amazing student groups!

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