Start a New Organization

Starting a new organization at Texas A&M University-Commerce is a simple yet rewarding process. The requirements of new student organizations are as follows:

  • All organizations must have and maintain at least six (6) active student members.
  • All officers of student organizations must be in good standing with the University, as defined in the University Catalog.
  • All organizations must have an advisor who is a full-time employee of Texas A&M University-Commerce.
  • The purpose of all registered student organizations shall be consistent with the main objectives of the University.
  • Student Organizations that mention the University in their name must do so in the following manner:
    (Name of Organization) at Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Registration Process

  1. Meet with the Assistant Director for SGA and Student Organizations about the petitioning new student organization.
  2. Submit Petitioning Organization Constitution for review to the Assistant Director for SGA and Student Organizations. Once the constitution has been reviewed and approved the organization can move forward with petitioning.
  3. Submit all required paperwork (Approved Constitution, Roster with CWIDs, and Tax ID/EIN) and registration through ManeSync to the Assistant Director for SGA and Student Organizations. For the Tax ID/EIN the student organization can apply on the website.  
  4. Attend a policy & procedure meeting, which are held at the beginning of each semester. Organizations looking to start in the middle of the semester need to request another time to go over policies and procedures.
  5. Any newly-registered student organization shall be on probationary status for a six-month period. The purpose of this probationary period shall be to determine if the organization is able to fulfill its purpose and goals within the university community. Funding will not be available to a new student organization, during probationary status.
  6. At the conclusion of the probationary period, the organization will be notified by the Student Involvement Suite to set up a meeting about the organization's progress. 

Any new student organization looking to start should check ManeSync to ensure there are no other organizations with the same purpose/mission, or closely related name.