MKTBA Students Attend the 16th ISACA Business Etiquette Luncheon

The Marketing and Business Analytics Student Organization (MKTBA) at Texas A&M University-Commerce was recently invited to attend a luncheon hosted by the North Texas Chapter of ISACA Business.

The 16th annual event took place on October 20, 2023, and was hosted at the Brookhaven Country Club in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Son Bui accompanied over 25 members from the student organization to represent A&M-Commerce at the event, which also featured faculty and students from various academic institutions across North Texas and leading executives across various industries.

This annual event serves as a bridge between students and seasoned business professionals, offering invaluable insights into the world of corporate etiquette and the practical aspects of entering the workforce. Students from all the attending universities congregated at the venue for a two-hour morning session led by Lee Arnold III, MPA, PMP. Arnold shared tips on business etiquette and provided guidance on navigating the complexities of the professional world.

Following this informative session, students had the privilege of sitting down for lunch with Dallas business executives, providing an opportunity to put their newfound knowledge into practice. In groups of three, students engaged in meaningful conversations with executives, learning firsthand about their experiences and gaining valuable insights into the corporate world. Additionally, the students were invited to take part in a professional headshot session.

“Education equips us with knowledge, but it is the wisdom of experience and the finesse of etiquette that set the stage for success in the business world,” Aathira G. Nair, graduate assistant in the College of Business, said. “I am delighted for the events, workshops, and all the networking opportunities that I have been able to participate in thanks to the College of Business and the MKTBA. The 16th ISACA Business Etiquette Luncheon exemplified the invaluable constructive collaboration between learning and practice, offering students a glimpse into the art of conducting oneself with confidence and grace in the professional arena.”