A Day Among Lions: College of Business Hosts Town View High School Students

The A&M-Commerce College of Business recently welcomed a group of 50 students and four staff members from Town View High School for a special event called ‘Spend a Day with the Lions'.

Designed to provide the high school students with a firsthand look at the college experience and the opportunities available to them, the students were treated to a unique experience whereby they toured the Commerce campus and the all-new state-of-the-art Dallas location.

The day started with the high school students being treated to a personalized tour by current A&M-Commerce students, who showcased the college's facilities, finance lab and available resources. Along the tour, Town View's students could see firsthand the innovative learning environments, modern classrooms and advanced technology that the College of Business hosts across both locations.

After the tour, the students had the opportunity to meet with faculty members from various departments, who discussed their academic programs and the diverse career paths available to business graduates. Staff and academic advisors were also on hand to provide information about admissions, financial aid and other resources available to support students throughout their academic journey.

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to welcome the Town View High School students to our campus,” said Alexandria Cox, Outreach Specialist and Recruiter. “We strongly believe that introducing high school students to the college experience and showcasing our exceptional faculty and staff is an important step in encouraging them to pursue higher education and achieve their professional goals.”

The event was well-received by the students, who expressed enthusiasm about the College of Business and the opportunities available to them. Jennifer Sanders, a Curriculum Coordinator at Town View High School, explained, “I am delighted to see how much the students were engaged at the event. More importantly than just touring the college grounds, our students were able to bond and form a genuine connection with A&M-Commerce students to truly let them experience what it is to be a Lion.”

She continued, “It was a memorable day, and I am certain that our students will be talking about this for a while. We look forward to organizing similar events with the College of Business in the future.”

‘Spend a Day with the Lions' is just one of the myriad activities launched by the College of Business at A&M-Commerce in efforts to proactively engage with its community. The recent campus tour and meet-and-greet event is just one of the many ways the College of Business demonstrates its commitment to providing access to educational opportunities and fostering student success. In addition to providing a top-quality business education and supporting the professional success of its students, the college is keen on nurturing and furthering strengthening its relationship with the community to create a lasting impact that will transform the lives of everyone.