A&M-Commerce CHSSA faculty awarded human rights fellowships

Five faculty members from the College of Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts at A&M-Commerce were awarded Global Human Rights fellowships. These awards are meant to sponsor the research of faculty members whose subject areas engage with global human rights, and supports the college's Global Human Rights Initiative, a concerted effort to incorporate themes involving global human rights and social justice questions into research and classroom content.

The awarded faculty are:

  • Jeffrey Baker, Associate Professor of Music—Research: “Sinfonia Migrante: Musician Networks Forged Through Migration
  • Ayal Feinberg, Assistant Professor of Political Science—Research: “Hate Beyond the State: Hate Crimes and Minority Insecurity
  • Ashanka Kumari, Assistant Professor of English—Research: “Let's Not Forget the Next Wave of Leaders: Mentoring Graduate Students, Supporting Global Human Rights
  • Emily Newman, Associate Professor of Liberal Studies—Research: “Burn Your Bras: Feminist Fashion and Art in United States Protests
  • Ozum Yesiltas, Assistant Professor of Political Science—Research: “Orientalism Interrupted: A Critical Examination of Media Representations of Kurdish Female Fighters in the US