A&M-Commerce Hosts Annual Quality Enhancement Plan Awards Ceremony

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) celebrated its third annual awards ceremony on March 13. The ceremony recognized new Global Scholars, Global Fellows and Distinguished Global Fellows. The recipients are students, faculty and staff who have engaged in global activities on campus and consider themselves engaged citizens within an interconnected and diverse world. The Quality Enhancement Plan has now recognized a total of 108 Global Scholars and 75 Global Fellows.

“We plan this event to provide an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to engage over all things global,” Director of Regents' Scholars Program and QEP Jennifer Hudson said. “It is exciting to hear all of the table conversations about travel, research, a favorite class or an awesome campus event. Not only are we recognizing students for their participation in these things, we're also showing our faculty and staff how students are learning and benefitting from all of their efforts.”

The following faculty members were recognized as Global Fellows: Dr. Jeffrey Baker, Dr. Nicole Farris, Dr. Sarah Guthery, Dr. Joyce Miller, Dr. Steven Prewitt and Dr. Elizabeth Wachira. Both Dr. Alexandra Babino and Dr. Maryanne Doty were awarded the status of Distinguished Global Fellows.

The following students were recognized as Global Scholars: Marti Aldrich, Elora Das, Tyce Kissling, Megan Self, Martin Perez, Hanna Johnson, Jadelyn Ibarra-Borgonia, Crystal Hernandez, Abigail Johnson, Courtney Harris, Rebekah Grey, Carla Arreguin, Emma Anderson, Alee Corrales, Jewels Gossman, Stephanie Moore, Elizabeth Shook, Nayeli Fuentes, Amanda Dollgener, Linh Truong, Jadeann Martinez, Makayla Millbrook, Blanca Rodriguez Rosas, Delvin Smith, Mitzvah Villeda, Edward Monroy, Savannah Smith, Maria Ortiz Olalde, Kas’Sandra Runnels, Efren Torres, Reon Eaton, Latoya Walker, Cassie Carnine, Rachel Campbell, Anahy Amador and Evonne Hudson.

For information on how to become a Global Scholar or Global Fellow, or to learn more about the Quality Enhancement Plan, please visit https://inside.tamuc.edu/aboutus/IER/QualityEnhancementPlan/default.aspx