A&M-Commerce Plans to Continue Recycling Efforts

Over the past several years, A&M-Commerce has partnered with the city of Commerce to offer a city-wide recycling program. The recycling collection site is located on the A&M-Commerce campus, in Lot 16, on the corner of Campbell and Walnut Streets. A recent article in the Herald Banner reported that Commerce Cares Recycling, a volunteer group that is not affiliated with A&M-Commerce but helps with the city's recycling efforts, will discontinue their volunteer efforts. According to Commerce Cares, they have been struggling for months to clean up after citizens who fail to follow recycling guidelines, so they have decided to “call it quits.” In response, both city and A&M-Commerce leaders met Monday to begin talking about how to continue to serve Commerce-area residents' recycling needs. The EcoLions at A&M-Commerce, a student organization, has also worked closely with Commerce Cares over the years.