Hitting it Out of the Park: Meet Jacob L. Hildebrandt

While attending undergrad at the College of Business, little did Jacob Hildebrandt know he would one day be working as the Event Operations Manager for the Texas Rangers baseball club and REV Entertainment.

Hildebrandt's journey at A&M-Commerce began in 2016 when he enrolled to pursue an undergraduate degree in business management with a minor in sports and recreation management. From early on, he knew that pursuing a degree in business was critical no matter what he decided to do with his career, allowing him to grow and gain more experience while intertwining his passions for sports.

“I knew how valuable management was in the future growth track in my career, and I thought this would give me the greatest potential for future growth,” Hildebrandt said.

While pursuing his undergraduate degree, he started working as an intern in the Department of Athletics at A&M-Commerce, as well as an intramural supervisor for Campus Recreation. From there, he applied to the Texas Rangers for a part-time role with the events department and the promotions kept coming in, first to a full-time Event Operations Coordinator role, then to a Senior Event Operations Coordinator. Later, he was promoted to his current role as Event Operations Manager.

Today in his role, Jacob ensures that all operational aspects of the non-game day and special events at Globe Life Field and Choctaw Stadium are successful. He helps plan and execute events to ensure that his clients' expectations are being met to ensure the best event possible for them.

“The College of Business helped show me how valuable it is to gain experience as well as knowledge in the classroom,” Hildebrandt said. “It has transformed the way I think and to have more of a long-term vision with goals and a plan.”

This also influenced his decision to continue to pursue his master's in athletic administration also at A&M-Commerce. While here, Jacob took advantage of many of the opportunities he came across, from business networking events, Greek life and interning and working at various departments on campus.

“I encourage all prospective students to get involved with as many different activities, workshops, and organizations as possible,” Hildebrandt said. “The knowledge and experience gained will certainly help when you are ready to enter the workforce.”