In the Business of Branding: CEO of HITE Dallas and founder of HITE Creative Hosts Seminar for A&M-Commerce Students

The A&M-Commerce Venture College–The hub for entrepreneurship, startups and innovation in the College of Business–hosted Tatiana Chamorro, CEO of HITE Dallas and founder of HITE Creative, for a one-of-a-kind seminar about branding and marketing.

An A&M-Commerce alumnus and a renowned women entrepreneur's mentor, Chamorro’s seminar discussed the practical importance of incorporating the branding and marketing elements of business into profitable outcomes that encourage long-term growth in the student's entrepreneurial endeavors.

Students from A&M-Commerce and Frisco High School, as well as business leaders from Tarrant County and HITE Digital professionals from Nicaragua, attended the seminar, which was hosted in person while also streamed online via Zoom from the newly launched Dallas location. Tatiana spoke to the attendees about the necessity of distinguishing oneself from the pack through proper branding and marketing, and how to engage in the business community as up-and-coming entrepreneurs in a way that gives them confidence and legitimacy that allows them to fully know their worth in such environments.

In line with the College of Business’ mission to create an impact in the community while transforming the students' lives, the seminar aimed at equipping the students with mechanisms to brand themselves in a highly competitive business environment and to support them to authentically define themselves in to differentiate their self in the market.

“Branding oneself as an entrepreneur is the best opportunity to set the tone of the game as it relates to how you operate within it. If you brand yourself authentically, you are much better able to do what you love in a genuine and fulfilling way that does not take you away from your original dream or goal,” said Jacob Pouttu, program coordinator at Venture College.

The seminar also provided invaluable advice on how to take oneself seriously and attract the right kinds of clients, rather than fighting against the status quo to take whatever opportunities come their way.

“If you treat your business like a hobby, it will always be a Hobby,” Chamorro said. “In order to grow, you have to think with a mindset of growth.”

While highlighting specific experiences and stories of her own as well as Venture College fellows and partners, the seminar encouraged attendees to brand themselves as value-creators in their community while finding opportunities specifically suited to their interests and expertise.