In the ‘Business’ of Love: Meet the Cooks

In March of 2017, while Zach and Katie were both undergraduate students at the A&M-Commerce College of Business, little did they know that their first date in Commerce, Texas, would eventually lead to them getting married.

Starting their academic journey one year apart, Zach and Katie pursued bachelor's degrees in general business, each for their own reason.

Initially, Zach wanted to study mechanical engineering, but as it was not offered at the time, he decided that general business was the most suitable option due to its useful application in every business field. After taking one accounting course, Zach realized his passion for numbers and decided to double major in finance.

Likewise, Katie also found herself at a crossroads when it came time to decide on her major. She opted for Journalism since she knew her communication skills were great; however, after being exposed to business principles during her first class, Katie realized the path she wanted to take and began her story as a College of Business student. After graduating in May 2019 together, Katie and Zach moved to Dallas and in March 2022 tied the knot in front of family and friends from A&M-Commerce.

Crediting the College of Business for their successful careers, Zach currently works at L3Harris in Greenville as a Senior Associate on the Program Controls team, while Katie works at Lane Gorman Trubitt (LGT) in Dallas as a Marketing Analyst in the Practice Growth department. In his role, Zach assists Program Managers with cost forecasting, among many other things. Katie leads her company's Financial Advisors Marketing, managing her company's CRM database, creating internal revenue reports, monitoring new business, and assisting in events.

“When I started pursuing my higher education, the College of Business helped transform me, and it broadened my horizons to the world of business,” Zach said. “The impact that it has had on my life is huge, as work doesn't feel like work at all, but rather a challenging puzzle that I enjoy solving.”

Zach and Katie have kept in touch with several of their professors in the five years since graduation.

“The College of Business has helped to direct where I am today,” Katie said. “Without finding my passion for business through classes and professors, I don't know where I would be!”

Zach added: “I made a great connection with one of my professors specifically, and our relationship has helped me develop my professional connections exponentially.”

The Cook’s advice to prospective students was for them to “enjoy college; learning never stops in the business world.” They encouraged students to make the most of their time at A&M-Commerce by taking advantage of all the business networking opportunities and events the college hosts. Through the hosted workshops, activities, guest speakers and competitions, students can build relationships with peers and professors that resonate not just on campus but far beyond the walls of the classrooms.